[sword-devel] Support Issues: Font and Verse Lookup Problems

Jonathan Hughes sword-devel@crosswire.org
16 May 2002 21:54:04 -0700

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Hey Everyone,

	There have been a lot of support e-mails on the sword-support mailing
list about the problems in The SWORD Project for Windows 1.5.3. But I
don't see any of these questions being answered on the list. What is the
current status of looking at these bugs? Is there something we can give
to these people that will let them know the approximate time frame in
which these bugs will be fixed? I am just looking for anything we can
tell them so that their e-mails don't just seem to disappear. How
frustrating that would be as a user. Thanks to whoever can provide some
light. Here is an example of a support e-mail about these problems:

I reciently downloaded the latest version of the sword project. I'm in
Windows 98. The problems are that "Websters Dict" is in some type of
text, font,  etc that is really hard to read. Letters are bent, slanted,
etc and very hard to work with. This is the only module that has come
this way. The other thing is that if i select say; John 3:16, (example),
it will pull up John 3:21 or 3:22. It's always about five verses off.
The origional verson of the Sword Project did not have this
problem.--Can you give me some light on these problems?

In Christ,
Jonathan H.

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