[sword-devel] Re: [sword-support] Christian based educational software

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 01 Mar 2002 12:43:26 -0700

	We have about 250 engineers and other skilled individuals on our
developers' list that have expressed interest in contributing to free
Christian software.  I'd be happy to post your email to our list and see
if anyone is interested in contacting you.

	-Troy A. Griffitts
	CrossWire Bible Society

> Rick Wardell \"Kids Love To Learn\" wrote:
> Good morning,
>    My name is Rick and I'm with a company called "Kids Love to Learn".
> We are developing early education systems for preschool through 3rd
> grade kids. As a company, we're not aimed at Christian organizations
> in specific, yet as we look into the needs of home school groups,
> MOPS, and other church oriented associations, all have expressed a
> desire to find quality educational development software that has a
> Christian foundation. The reason for this communication is to ask for
> your help in locating software developers or distributors that can
> make this material available. Thank you for any assistance you can
> give me.
> Rick Wardell
> Early Learning Sales
> Kids Love To Learn
> (360) 696-1747
> (800) 416-2803
> Fax (360) 696-1755