[sword-devel] Re: apology, sword development, .....

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 01 Mar 2002 15:41:20 -0700

	Hope you don't mind me CC:ing the dev list.  Thank you for your
concern.  I pray your mom is doing better.  Yes!  I would love to have
you continue to contribute to the project.  I looked at the code you
pointed out in the multi-word (most popular) type of search and changed
the code per your recommendation.  We shaved another 11% off of the
search speed!  Thank you very much.  My laptop times went from:

real	0m1.638s
user	0m1.280s
sys	0m0.320s


real	0m1.459s
user	0m1.120s
sys	0m0.320s

Can't wait to see how many seconds it shaves off a search on my PDA.


"Helmer Krämer" wrote:
> Hi!
> First of all I have to apologize for not doing what I promised:
> somewhile ago I sad I'll look into getting ciphered modules
> compressed, but you never received any patches from me (I did
> not have so much time recently, studying, earning money to be
> able to do so and having to help my parents (my mom had a slipped
> intervertebral disc (?) in her neck so she can no longer use her
> arms as she wants to) was more than enough).
> So I wonder if you are still willing to accept patches from me?
> Since my lectures will become less, I think I'll have more time
> in the future.
> One thing I noticed: SWModule::Search with searchType == -2 is
> calling StripText() once for each word in the phrase, not once
> per Verse.....
> -- Helmer