[sword-devel] Copyrights and cash

Jan Paul Schmidt sword-devel@crosswire.org
19 Jun 2002 01:03:11 +0200

Am Die, 2002-06-18 um 22.10 schrieb Daniel Freedman:

> Secondly, I was thinking that instead of making it free I was thinking of
> disabling copy and paste features on locked modules.  I think it might be a
> good proposal of providing a free translation while restricting copying.
> Copyright laws all allow for fair use (which means anyone can (with
> permission) create a module that only displays a maximum of say a chapter of
> a book, for example.  I say why not disallow the user the ability to copy
> and paste...and encyrpt the locked module.  I mean how many websites offer
> the boos copyrighted.  anyone can, with enough time, copy the entire bible
> that they have made online.

You don't need to enforce copyright laws, if you are able to trust your
users. And if you can't trust your users, you should stay away from
digital data. How long does it take that people really get it, that
there will be no serious copy protection for digital data?

I think it is interesting, that the body of christ does make thoughts
about copyright issues. Maybe I misread the bible, but the body of
christ should be one and share everything. No, I don't want everything
for free. A worker should get paid for his work. But how many of this do
you see happen?

OK, the last paragraph is maybe off topic. Just wanted to say: Don't
waste time with copyright issues except to find a way to use something
without breaking it (See last sentence of Daniel :o) Don't waste time
with commercial issues, if your project was meant to be free. Free in
all senses.