[sword-devel] Copyrights and cash

Daniel Freedman sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 22:10:09 +0200

I think the whole point of sword that its free
btw, all the bibles that are currently under copyright are going to be made
redundant in the next 5 years anyway, because a new critical edition of the
Hebrew Scriptures is being made.

Secondly, I was thinking that instead of making it free I was thinking of
disabling copy and paste features on locked modules.  I think it might be a
good proposal of providing a free translation while restricting copying.

Copyright laws all allow for fair use (which means anyone can (with
permission) create a module that only displays a maximum of say a chapter of
a book, for example.  I say why not disallow the user the ability to copy
and paste...and encyrpt the locked module.  I mean how many websites offer
the boos copyrighted.  anyone can, with enough time, copy the entire bible
that they have made online.


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