[sword-devel] R/w CVS

Victor Porton sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 07 Jun 2002 01:48:18 +0600

> I am not sure if I really understood what exactly you want to do, and which 
> purpose you have with it. Could you explain more detailed? It seems that you 
> have a long-reaching vision for your project, but I am not sure what the 
> theory is that you follow. 
> Afaik -- also judging from our chat in #sword-devel -- you reject the 
> masoretic vowels and want to introduce other vowel patterns to the consonant 
> text, in order to create new texts and to receive prophecies through the new 
> texts?

Exactly. 19/20 or so of Bible was lost because of Catholics accepted masoretic 
vowels and Protestants haven't denied. Now Reformation continues: Inserting 
vowels in different ways we get many new Bibles!!! Bible says that the book of 
law was lost.

Moreover the Judaists which have inserted the vowels was the same kind of 
people which proclaimed the come of "other Messiah". Accounting this it is not 
wonderful that these have chosen almost the worst variant of vowels (almost 
correct, but weak). While masoretic text says about sheeps and wheat, other 
translations say about computers (example: Isa. 21:11-12 -- "prophecy about 
Doom") and stars.

Reaction of Protestants on this is quite strange: while saying "vowels has no 
holy sense", the most reject the concept of reading Bible without vowels, 
which is just illogical. Some are the real persons from anecdotes about 
unbelieving American missionaries: "-- I have readied in Bible in ancient 
Hebrew that... -- You don't know Hebrew... you don't have Hebrew Bible text... 
-- I know, I have,,, --- You haven't"! Dark age, exactly Catholics in 

And one more silly thing: an Judaist has said me: Christians read Torah 
without vowels (Would I want to find these brothers!) and get things like "a 
Son of God". If at that moment I would be of Judaism religion, I would convert 
to Christ that second!

Well, being more exact: I am going not just "introduce new vowel patterns", 
but even consider the Hebrew text without vowels at all with "holy grammar" 
without vowels.

> > I'm going to incorporate it in the general purpose Bible study tools like
> > BibleTime and GnomeSword, creating special widget sets for this. It will
> You should probably formulate this a little different, since you are not an 
> admin of either project. Speaking for BibleTime now, I am very careful about 
> your plans. Since you are not an active developer up to now and for quite a 
> while more, plus I am not sure about your plans, you no longer have r/w cvs 
> access, and I want you to submit patches first. 
> It would be nice if you could change your attitude a little. These are not 
> your projects, and you should ask kindly and explain more instead of 
> demanding and criticising. Nobody will keep you from starting own projects, 
> but if you want to contribte to existing projects you will have to adhere to 
> the rules. That does not mean you are not welcome! But you should be careful 
> as to how you act.

Oh, I haven't before any demands and critics about vowels.

What you mean by the rules? ;-)

I think I shouldn't be very careful because God has said me "I will separate". Because of this prophecy it seems that someday the projects will be splitten. (I don't know whether it may happen because of religios reasons or just because of some technical ones.)

P.S. What bad I did? I just create the software for creating dictionaries of Hebrew linked to the forms encountered in the text instead of primary forms. And I am sued. Is it bad?

P.P.S. My mission was committed by wonders: When I was a teenager and had $1 God given me all the necessary Hebrew matherials gratis after the prayer. (And I even received the Hebrew text in exactly the next day of the day when I decided that at the next day I can try to read Bible in Hebrew!) It is a great wonder. And even money sometimes has fallen on me from the sky!
Victor Porton (porton@narod.ru)