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Thu, 6 Jun 2002 18:09:28 -0500

On Thursday 06 June 2002 02:48 pm, Victor Porton wrote:
> What you mean by the rules? ;-)
> I think I shouldn't be very careful because God has said me "I will
> separate". Because of this prophecy it seems that someday the projects will
> be splitten. (I don't know whether it may happen because of religios
> reasons or just because of some technical ones.)

We have a name for this in the opensource world, it's called a code fork. All 
these programs are gpl so you can make your own versions do whatever you 
like. But generally out of respect all code forks get new names to avoid 
confusion and avoid messing with the rights to another. (ie the BibleTime 
team has intellectual property rights on the name BibleTime as a software 
product, the same goes for the Sword Project)

> P.P.S. My mission was committed by wonders: When I was a teenager and had
> $1 God given me all the necessary Hebrew matherials gratis after the
> prayer. (And I even received the Hebrew text in exactly the next day of the
> day when I decided that at the next day I can try to read Bible in Hebrew!)
> It is a great wonder. And even money sometimes has fallen on me from the
> sky!

Be careful, the adversary can cause "wonders" to happen to and decieve people 
by this.

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