[sword-devel] R/w CVS

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 6 Jun 2002 10:47:03 +0200

Hello Victor,

> I write software which will allow conveniently classify every word of
> Hebrew Bible *in the form it is encountered*, not in the primary form
> (primary form is single, masculine, 1st face etc.) More exactly, I write
> the software for creating and using a dictionary of the words in Hebrew
> Bible in which the keys are the words as these are in Bible instead of
> customary primary forms as in most dictionaries. Note that I ignore vowels.

I am not sure if I really understood what exactly you want to do, and which 
purpose you have with it. Could you explain more detailed? It seems that you 
have a long-reaching vision for your project, but I am not sure what the 
theory is that you follow. 
Afaik -- also judging from our chat in #sword-devel -- you reject the 
masoretic vowels and want to introduce other vowel patterns to the consonant 
text, in order to create new texts and to receive prophecies through the new 

> I'm going to incorporate it in the general purpose Bible study tools like
> BibleTime and GnomeSword, creating special widget sets for this. It will
> among other display the tree (as a tree widget) of all grammar forms of a
> given word in Hebrew Bible, allowing to see all the possible meanings of
> the word.

You should probably formulate this a little different, since you are not an 
admin of either project. Speaking for BibleTime now, I am very careful about 
your plans. Since you are not an active developer up to now and for quite a 
while more, plus I am not sure about your plans, you no longer have r/w cvs 
access, and I want you to submit patches first. 
It would be nice if you could change your attitude a little. These are not 
your projects, and you should ask kindly and explain more instead of 
demanding and criticising. Nobody will keep you from starting own projects, 
but if you want to contribte to existing projects you will have to adhere to 
the rules. That does not mean you are not welcome! But you should be careful 
as to how you act.