[sword-devel] win32 beta O

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 00:09:50 +1200

> New bugfix beta.  Thanks again for all the great reports.  Please report
> any bugs that you still find, as I think I've fixed most everything
> (program related) posted to the list.


The preferences setting "Show hint over strongs numbers" also controls
showing verse lookups over references. Either another few preferences
options are required, or it should be relabelled.

strongs number pop ups appear when pointing at any number in the text. (For
example the footnote on Jonah 2:9 in GerElb1871, or the verse renumbering
notes (Which I can't seem to turn off) eg in Jonah in various modules
including JPS, LXX, Vulgate. Also when pointing in a dictionary at the
number of times the word is used with a particular meaning, or the numbers
for enumerating meanings.

Smith module: scripture references, example in entry for "Stocks": (Job
13:27; 33:11; Acts 16:24) The middle reference is to whichever book you
happen to be looking in... eg Galations 33:11 (These are coded as three
seperate references, so looks like a module bug.)

pop up windows still get split over multiple monitors instead of confined to
the monitor that the mouse is on.

Colours: I can only choose from 16 background colours. (And only 16 text
colours, but I like black text, I don't like any of the 16 choices for
background colours though... aqua on yellow is particularly nasty... but
back to finding bugs...)

The search window disappears when you move the mouse over one of the text
panes behind it.

The word list for the dictionaries appears in a nearly unreadable font. (It
almost looks like images for a 5 point font enlarged) There doesn't seem to
be any way of changing the font or size used.

The font size of footnotes doesn't seem able to be changed.

The down verse & chapter buttons still result in strange behaviour if held
down (go to -1)
The up & down buttons speed up too much, resulting in suddenly jumping to
Revelations 22:21, (followed by the buttons showing Revelations 22:22)

Is JFB module going to be recreated?