[sword-devel] win32 beta O

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 15 Jul 2002 13:10:49 -0700

New bugfix beta.  Thanks again for all the great reports.  Please report 
any bugs that you still find, as I think I've fixed most everything 
(program related) posted to the list.


Some notes:

lexicon controls:
	I'd like to make the lexicon lookup and key controls more unicode 
complete, but might have to wait till 1.5.5.  We are REALLY behind on CD 
orders and need to get something stable out pretty quick.

localization for the frontend:
	From all your feedback, I think I've fixed the remainder of ui strings 
that need to be localized.  Please let me know if entries in your custom 
locale files don't change what you think they should in the ui.
	Module options are not yet planned to be localized for this release. 
These are things like Strong's Number [On|Off], etc.  They are a little 
more complicated to do and we should get to them soon (maybe next release).
	Please report any OTHER strings I may have still missed.

Thanks again!  You guys continue to be great with your feedback!  Keep 
it coming!