[sword-devel] win32 beta O

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 14:14:03 -0700

> The preferences setting "Show hint over strongs numbers" also controls
> showing verse lookups over references. Either another few preferences
> options are required, or it should be relabelled.

Yeah, I think David might have some code to commit for this soon.

> strongs number pop ups appear when pointing at any number in the text. (For
> example the footnote on Jonah 2:9 in GerElb1871, or the verse renumbering
> notes (Which I can't seem to turn off) eg in Jonah in various modules
> including JPS, LXX, Vulgate. Also when pointing in a dictionary at the
> number of times the word is used with a particular meaning, or the numbers
> for enumerating meanings.

yes.  If the word you are over is all numeric, we currently assume that 
it is a strongs number.  This will probably stay this way for this release.

> Smith module: scripture references, example in entry for "Stocks": (Job
> 13:27; 33:11; Acts 16:24) The middle reference is to whichever book you
> happen to be looking in... eg Galations 33:11 (These are coded as three
> seperate references, so looks like a module bug.)

yeah, we're planning on focusing efforts on modules soon after this release.

> pop up windows still get split over multiple monitors instead of confined to
> the monitor that the mouse is on.

blame it on Mr. Gates.

> Colours: I can only choose from 16 background colours. (And only 16 text
> colours, but I like black text, I don't like any of the 16 choices for
> background colours though... aqua on yellow is particularly nasty... but
> back to finding bugs...)


> The search window disappears when you move the mouse over one of the text
> panes behind it.

I'll look into this one.

> The word list for the dictionaries appears in a nearly unreadable font. (It
> almost looks like images for a 5 point font enlarged) There doesn't seem to
> be any way of changing the font or size used.

I'll see about setting this with the current module font and size

> The font size of footnotes doesn't seem able to be changed.
> The down verse & chapter buttons still result in strange behaviour if held
> down (go to -1)
> The up & down buttons speed up too much, resulting in suddenly jumping to
> Revelations 22:21, (followed by the buttons showing Revelations 22:22)
> Is JFB module going to be recreated?

Yeah, all modules will be reviewed soon.  Hope we can get some more 
people working on all this stuff.

	Thanks for the great feedback!