[sword-devel] Thai locales

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 05 Jul 2002 17:50:31 -0700

> re: 1. I think that it not too important to get the book-dropdown into
> Unicode. Normally, the interface that the user would select would match
> their operating system. As an English user, I would like an English
> interface and know the English book names. As a German or Thai user, I would
> have the appropriate languages operating system and would like to have a
> German or Thai interface (provided through upper Ascii) and German or Thai
> book names. Anyway that's my opinion because I know how difficult it can be
> getting Unicode into the interface.

Thanks for the feedback.  You know better than me about the interface 
i18n.  It's good to know you feel this way.

> Unfortunately, I think it does do something with Thai because of the
> codepoints that it assumes are lowercase characters. As an example, it
> complains about the following book names 'չԵ' and '¸ѭѵ'
> (each has a lower-case accented 'a'). It did not complain about these book
> names '' and ';¾' (which have no lower-case characters when viewed
> as latin). Altogether there are 40 or so errors displayed, which does not
> match the total number of Bible books. It is possible to work around the
> problem by putting in 'fake' names where the lower case Latin accented
> characters are capitalized (to match how the program will process it)!? But
> is this a good solution? It does not look like Thai when a Thai font is
> chosen but it is workable.

ha!  Yep, I bet you are exactly correct.  We need to extent SW_toupper 
to use ICU if available, or something else to solve this problem correctly.

Thanks again.  Let me know about the work you are doing-- what you need, 
where we fall short.  It always is good to know what direction we need 
to compensate.  Especially in areas like this, where I have no domain