[sword-devel] Thai locales

Christian Renz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 6 Jul 2002 11:42:58 +0800

Hi Adrian,

I am somewhat familiar with the difficulties of OWNERDRAW elements and
the like, and I know it is a lot of work :-) but still I beg to

>Unicode. Normally, the interface that the user would select would match
>their operating system. As an English user, I would like an English
>interface and know the English book names. As a German or Thai user, I would
>have the appropriate languages operating system and would like to have a
>German or Thai interface

That is not necessarily true. Sorry for beating the drum for the
Chinese language again ;-) but here in Singapore, it is very uncommon
to find Chinese Windows versions, even with people who speak almost no
english at all. Even in other countries, pastors or missionaries might
bring in their own hardware with no native software. Still, it is
necessary to read and write Chinese.

And with an english version of Win95/98/ME, e.g. searching by chinese
characters seems to be mostly unusable. For the CEDICT dictionary, the
characters are not displayed correctly in the dictionary search combo
box. Copying and pasting of Chinese text into the search combo box or
the search window results in "? ? ?".

The good thing is: Once you have it solved for e.g. the search results
in the search window, you can apply it for the dictionary search combo
box, the display of the search key in the dictionary definition window
and the book list. 

But I agree, having the list of book names displayed in Chinese rather
than English is not so important. But it is the same solution. The
Chinese menus only work with some special software on my system as
well -- but of course that is okay; it is not important. The important
thing is that the bible text and the searching works in the language
of the text. And we would want people even with a non-hebrew version
of Windows to be able to search for hebrew text ;-).

I feel a bit guilty about always suggesting features and making bug
complaints, yet not contributing to the GUI development :-). I do not
have the necessary C++ equipment here to work on it (or would it work
with DevC++ and MingW?), sorry. But I want you guys to know I am very
grateful for your work, and impressed with the speed you react to
change requests. Thanks and God bless.

There are problems with the search window in the current beta (the
combo box doesn't display text, but some weird bitmap) on my system
(Win ME), and I will try to submit a detailed bug report soon. I will
also try to run it on the school's Win2K and WinXP systems and see
whether it works there.


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