[sword-devel] Thai locales

Adrian Korten sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 5 Jul 2002 18:53:43 +0700

Good day Troy,

re: 1. I think that it not too important to get the book-dropdown into
Unicode. Normally, the interface that the user would select would match
their operating system. As an English user, I would like an English
interface and know the English book names. As a German or Thai user, I would
have the appropriate languages operating system and would like to have a
German or Thai interface (provided through upper Ascii) and German or Thai
book names. Anyway that's my opinion because I know how difficult it can be
getting Unicode into the interface.

re: 2.
> I would guess that toupper() probably does
> nothing with Thai, so you can probably just use your book translation
> texts as the abbreviation entries.
Unfortunately, I think it does do something with Thai because of the
codepoints that it assumes are lowercase characters. As an example, it
complains about the following book names 'չԵ' and '¸ѭѵ'
(each has a lower-case accented 'a'). It did not complain about these book
names '' and ';¾' (which have no lower-case characters when viewed
as latin). Altogether there are 40 or so errors displayed, which does not
match the total number of Bible books. It is possible to work around the
problem by putting in 'fake' names where the lower case Latin accented
characters are capitalized (to match how the program will process it)!? But
is this a good solution? It does not look like Thai when a Thai font is
chosen but it is workable.


P.S. The program is reading every file in this directory and using the last
found locale to set the default. My editor creates a *.bak file of the
original after changes. The program uses this file if it is not deleted.

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