[sword-devel] Hebrew translation

Daniel Freedman sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 20:54:30 +0200

NT = New Testament...

If you're looking for an accurate text of the Hebrew Tanakh (Old Testament)
refer to the Aleppo Codex.  This has been argued recently in favour of the
previous Biblica Hebraica (BHS).

If you're looking for an accurate text of the Greek Scriptures (New
Testament) you will best try your luck with the Nestle-Aland 27 UBS 4th
Edition text, as this is considered by most to be the most accurate Greek

As regards Hebrew translations, firstly, the Hebrew translations of the New
Testament are based on the Greek texts, and no scholarly work has been done
on redacting the Aramaic elements in the New Testament, thus as regards
accuracy goes, you will be encountering the same problems phased by English
translators of the Greek.

As regards the Modern Hebrew translation of the Tanakh, I would be quick to
point out that it would be better to refer to the Aleppo text, that is the
text in Biblical Hebrew rather than relying on a 20th Century Modern Hebrew

Daniel Freemdan

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