[sword-devel] Hebrew translation

Avihai.H sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 01:03:17 +0200

Shalom :o)

 Are you speaking/reading Hebrew?
 If so, do you mean that the "New Translation" for the NT is nor realiable
or the good old one?
 If you ment the "New Translation" I agree with you.

 If you know, there are two major translation for the NT in Hebrew (the OT
is the same).
 One, as I mentioned, is the good one - it's the most accurate translation
in Heberw and the other is
 Wrtten in simple language, very simple. It's like it does't has "taste" or


> Please note, that the Hebrew Modern text is NOT a reliable text, it is a
> modern-Hebrew translation of the Bible...
> If you wish to read a realiable original text then refer to the Aleppo
> and for the NT the Nestle Aland 27 UBS4 Greek Text
> As regards your other query, refer to Chris or Troy, and locale.d
> where the relevant info is to be found....