[sword-devel] Propaganda

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 08 Aug 2002 16:02:11 -0700

>Even If I think, I can get this started, I don't think that I will do
>anything without knowing what people think and if they agree. Because I
>think it is not the right thing to bum rush the show and take it over.

Sorry you didn't like my response. I really hoped you were a doer with 
confidence in your idea. And that being told to go for it would be 
welcomed. As to rushing, I do believe I suggested you could produce 
"examples" for this list. "Yes/No", right or wrong, good or bad, I tried to 
answer that. Chris Little said."Sounds like a great idea." That is about as 
close to an imprimatur from this group as you can get. I don't know how to 
be clearer. Yes. The answer is yes. Ten more people saying, "yes" will not 
make it more so. As to "the show", either you are the show or there may not 
be a show any time soon. For w32 font color, David is the show. For many 
things Chris is the show. Troy believed he could get all this going and he 
did. Sure they take input from others (and ignore some others) but mostly 
they just do what they do and then others tell them what they think of it.

Sure it hurts to not get a response or as much of a response as you feel 
you should. I have been there too, and many others. The best thing I can 
tell you about that is to just get over it and ignore it next time.

Now for something really different!

Troy, this is for you. I know it must bother you that some of the messages 
don't get the response we all wish they could. And I know there was one on 
another list, not long ago, that must have been a stinger.

This is from a conversation I had with a person who was a missionary to the 
far east and south Pacific in the 1960s. She said missionaries would be 
sent to cities where there were many children and babies that would be 
abandoned in the streets. While out about the work the missionaries were 
there to do, they would find abandoned, starving children and babies. 
Naturally they would want to take them back to where they were staying and 
take care of them. At some point they would have all the children they 
could feed. They would still have to go out into the streets even if it was 
just to get what they needed to take care of the kids. The choice became, 
don't minister to the children but do the ministry they were sent to do, 
or, don't do the ministry they were sent to do but minister to some 
children and leave the rest in the street when they go out, or, don't do 
the ministry they were sent to do but take in as many as they find and 
watch few survive because they didn't have enough for them all. Some 
missionaries simply chose to go home and not have to face the choice. Some 
made a choice and tried for a while, then quit and went home not able to 
live with it. Some stayed for their term with faith that what they did do 
would honor God.

Sometimes, we just can't save all the children and babies. But we can thank 
God that at least He lets us help in the limited ways we can.