[sword-devel] Propaganda

Jan Paul Schmidt sword-devel@crosswire.org
08 Aug 2002 21:31:22 +0200

Am Don, 2002-08-08 um 18.45 schrieb Jerry Hastings:
> >I'm impressed by the amount of reactions: One in one week. Was this the
> >wrong list to ask? Is everybody on holiday? Or is it just Chris who
> >think it is worth to have a newsletter for Sword and related projects?
> Probably one of the problems is that they are not all on holiday. Right is 
> right. I thought Chris did a good job of confirming that your idea is good 
> and right. I didn't have anything to add to it that would make it more so. 
> Now what your idea needs is someone to take charge and produce the 
> propaganda. If you believe that person is you then start producing 
> propaganda, even if it is just examples released to this list. Give people 
> evidence that they should take the time to help you and give you the things 
> needed to do it better. And then when you have things going well, you still 
> won't get many responses on the list, but you will if you make a mistake.
> So, are you the one to do it? If not, the lack of responses is a problem, 
> only because we have not heard from the person who is the one to do it.

At first a quote from my first mail:

	At first you should decide if yes or no, ignoring the work of
	organisation and if someone exists who does this. It is
	important at first to see what to do and not how to do.

My first aim was to get a yes or no. Or maybe: Well nice idea, forget
about it or whatever. Probably I'm a bit spoiled by non-christian
mailing lists. You drop a mail and get several answers in the next days.
Even on small lists. Maybe they all are too busy. Or why should they be
different to their behavior in their congregation: ``If I say something,
I have to do something, so let's hush. And so on.

Even If I think, I can get this started, I don't think that I will do
anything without knowing what people think and if they agree. Because I
think it is not the right thing to bum rush the show and take it over.