[sword-devel] Propaganda

cridley sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 8 Aug 2002 21:57:17 -0500

I would like to do an article about the Sword Project for several SE North 
Dakota newspapers that I write technology columns for.  I would like to 
interview someone, but whom?  I can do it via e-mail, IM or phone, but would 
prefer IM since I won't have to rekey everything.  

I am new to the devel list and am a security & networking guy so I fear I am 
not much help.  Anything I can help with?  I can write though.  My focal 
point of the article is to perhaps gain some more help, but more simply to 
advertise the CD, which I will mail out free to anyone who asks for it.


Chris Ridley
Onsite Technology Solutions for Your Home and Business
5343 106th Ave SE
Litchville, ND 58461

It is not what one recieves that matters, but what one gives.