[sword-devel] Mac OS X client - progress update

Nathan Youngman sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 15 Apr 2002 01:14:58 -0600

Well, I haven't got all I set out to do done yet.

But I did restructure my data a lot and got my outline view (tree) 
divided up by languages. See the 3rd screen shot here:

Besides the language text being abbreviated 2 letter names, I'm 
virtually done this panel.

I also changed the Books drop-down to a ComboBox that you can type into, 
and it supports  auto completion. So you can type 2-3 letters, press tab 
and type a chapter, press tab or : and type a verse (each change updates 
the text below).

But I also need to handle "no modules installed" and "pick the first 
module installed" before putting up a new binary - right now it defaults 
the first window to ISV.

Also a lot of code clean up, some more reorganizing and a lot of 
comments before my next source upload. (Alpha2)

I'm not sure that anyone is actually looking at these binaries or source 
though. Probably not too many Mac users on this list. Email me if you 
want to play with the last build.

Still hoping on a few tips on HTML/RTF filters before I get to that 
part. (Alpha3)

After that I'll probably look into commentaries, which should be 
straight forward except I need to learn how to implement split views. 
Find/Search will be more complicated, but probably use another split 
view. I have actually designed things out a fair ways already...

Sometime before doing a public beta, I will likely rename this app - 
iSword or something?

- n8

On Friday, April 12, 2002, at 12:43  AM, Nathan Youngman wrote:
> The main thing I want to change, is to add an extra level for 
> languages. I also need to restructure and clean up some code, and 
> handle the "no modules installed" case, the "refresh, i just added some 
> modules" case, and the "cancel selection" (Esc) case.
> Once I'm done that, I will put new binaries and code up for Alpha2 - 
> then go on to work with RTF or HTML text rendering - Cocoa does indeed 
> support both!
Nathan Youngman
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