[sword-devel] Mac OS X client - progress update

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 15 Apr 2002 10:00:27 +0200

Hi Nathan,

> Still hoping on a few tips on HTML/RTF filters before I get to that
> part. (Alpha3)

	: SWMgr(0,0,false,new MarkupFilterMgr( FMT_HTML, ENC_UTF8 ))

Should do it. Thereby the appropriate filters are set to give you UTF8 HTML 
output. Though we at BibleTime did our own HTML filters to do some special 


> After that I'll probably look into commentaries, which should be
> straight forward except I need to learn how to implement split views.
> Find/Search will be more complicated, but probably use another split
> view. I have actually designed things out a fair ways already...
> Sometime before doing a public beta, I will likely rename this app -
> iSword or something?
> - n8
> On Friday, April 12, 2002, at 12:43  AM, Nathan Youngman wrote:
> > The main thing I want to change, is to add an extra level for
> > languages. I also need to restructure and clean up some code, and
> > handle the "no modules installed" case, the "refresh, i just added some
> > modules" case, and the "cancel selection" (Esc) case.
> >
> > Once I'm done that, I will put new binaries and code up for Alpha2 -
> > then go on to work with RTF or HTML text rendering - Cocoa does indeed
> > support both!
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