[sword-devel] Mac OS X client - progress update

Nathan Youngman sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 12 Apr 2002 00:43:07 -0600


I didn't know if I should really attach an image to the list, so I 
uploaded a screen shot here:

I've been working on a "sheet" (document-modal dialog) to select a 
module. It is designed to be used whenever a module is selected, and at 
some point it will be possible to open it as a stand-alone utilities 
panel. All with the same code and basically the same functionality... so 
in theory it would be possible to start a download from the select 
module sheet.

I have all the basic stuff working, you can double click things, some 
items are appropriately  disabled, and of course what you select changes 
what you're viewing.  The OutlineView used here doesn't seem to be 
documented too well, in addition to me being new to Cocoa and 
Objective-C... so it took quite some time just to get this far. Plus I'm 
customizing things so they're "just so"... which takes a lot of time 
compared to "here's a default-style interface."

The main thing I want to change, is to add an extra level for languages. 
I also need to restructure and clean up some code, and handle the "no 
modules installed" case, the "refresh, i just added some modules" case, 
and the "cancel selection" (Esc) case.

Once I'm done that, I will put new binaries and code up for Alpha2 - 
then go on to work with RTF or HTML text rendering - Cocoa does indeed 
support both!

- n8

Nathan Youngman
E-mail: nathany at mac.com
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