[sword-devel] per Jonathan Hughes suggestion

Jan Paul Schmidt sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 6 Apr 2002 12:36:51 +0200

On Thu, Apr 04, 2002 at 05:05:00PM -0600, Jason Reynolds wrote:

>    d)  some type of web-filtering software (much like "Websense").
>    All but the last will be web based.

There is already software for this since years, like Junkbuster or
FilterProxy. Look at 

for them or others. The main problem will be to find someone who keeps
the filter rules up to date and being strong enough to stand all the smut
out there and to arrange what should be filtered.

>    I also would like to promote open-source documents and knowledge.  I
>    wonder if some of you could share with me a bit of your vision for
>    making various information forms available freely to the global
>    church.  Also, how do you think I should position the website and how
>    might I attract the best programmers and project managers for this
>    work?

You should understand, what open source really is and why a lot of people
like to use the term free software instead. You may have a look at


where a lot started. Free software is quite hard to understand, if you think
in business terms. I don't know if it is the normal way native english
speakers talk, but forget about attracting someone for something. You
find people for your work, if you can convince them that you know what
they are doing, how they feel and what they think. Otherwise you can't
organize such a project and you can't handle the people working on it,

Another tough task is to convince all the organisations out there to get
rid of this Microsoft mono culture. This should be your main concern and
not finding people to work on some projects, because there are quite
some projects already outthere and to coordinate them should not be

>    Many thanks in advance for all your comments.  I am truly open for
>    this to be whatever it is meant to be!

You're welcome :o)