[sword-devel] Faster searching wanted

Nathan sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 15:02:52 -0700

By the way, I work for a company that does library automation. I'm 
just a web guy but there are people here that know a lot about 
searching stuff. There was a GPLed search engine that was evaluated 
here in the past that was quite fast and powerful. I don't recall the 
name, but hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to talk to the person that 

It was in Java - so it may be more useful for JSword. For me it 
doesn't matter too much - I'm using Objective-C++ to write wrappers 
for the C++ code in Sword, but I could just as easily (I hope:) use 
the Java Bridge to access the JSword API. As you may know, every copy 
of Mac OS X comes with J2SE installed.

Anyway, I'll try to find out what searching code is out there that 
could be used. That doesn't necessarily mean I will implement it - 
not really my area.

- n8

Nathan Youngman
E-mail: nathany at mac.com
Web: http://nathany.com