[sword-devel] Faster searching wanted (OT)

Nathan sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 14:53:42 -0700

What format would MaxChapters() be in?
module.MaxChapters(some params);
But would it take a VerseKey still, or use a bookname/number?

Assumably the locale won't affect the values returned.

If it is just versekey.MaxChapters() then it only saves the *key = 

Seems that VerseKey key; should  be deprecated in favour of 
module.CreateKey. But then a SetKey is also necessary. 
module.CreateVerseKey or VerseKey key(module) might be handy.

Anyway, the amount of code isn't too big of a deal - I'm sure there 
isn't much overhead in *key = MAXCHAPTER :-).

- n8

>Ok, point taken :)  look for it in CVS soon.
>Yeah, the logic for this was that I probably don't want Hebrew book
>names in BHS or Greek book names in TR.  Some users might, but my hunch
>is that the majority of them will not.  Locales are mostly used appWide
>with something like:
>after a call like this, all new objects will obtain a 'de' locale. (this
>is usually done at the very beginning of an app to set to a user
>preferred locale).

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