[sword-devel] Announce: Sword/PDA for the Agenda PDA

David J. Orme sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 21 Oct 2001 15:06:49 -0500

Announcing a Bible-reading program for your Agenda PDA! 
This is the initial public release because I have decided that the 
software is at a usable state now. :-)   The project URL is 

 Sword/PDA is distributed under the Gnu Public Licence. Features:
* Small emough to add to an Agenda without making a custom rootdisk 
image or removing software! 
* Good performance, even with on-the-fly decompression on the Agenda! 
* Integrates with Agenda's Notes application via copy/paste for easier 
* Standard Agenda look & feel! 
* Maximum screen space given to the Bible text! 
* Multiple font sizes! 
* Includes: 
- The King James Version (KJV) 
- The Bible in Basic English (BBE) 
- Noah Webster's translation 
- Young's Literal translation 
* Can easily create new compressed Bible modules from Sword Bible 
modules! (found at http://www.crosswire.org )

I hope you like it and find it useful!


Dave Orme

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