[sword-devel] New Diaspora

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 20 Oct 2001 15:55:23 -0700

There's a new version of Diaspora posted.  Enhancements include:
Timers to report how long processing takes
A special ThML to Palm Bible Reader filter that will allow exporting of
section headings properly
Transliterators using ICU

It's about twice as large as it was previously because of the ICU data
DLL, but it's a good example of how we can start adding ICU stuff into
Sword frontends.

The transliteration is a very cool thing, although there are still some
bugs to work out.  There are transliterators in ICU for most of the
non-Roman script texts we have, but I haven't tested them all out, so
there may be crashes if there are buggy transliterators.  Please let me
know what you think of these and whether you think it would be valuable
for us to add additional transliterators for scripts that are not
handled by ICU currently, such as Georgian, Armenian, and Thai.  This
isn't just a Diaspora issue because this will work in any frontend that
links the ICU library and exposes the UTF8Transliterator class.

Something of particular interest may be the Greek to/from B-Greek and
Greek/Coptic/Hebrew/Syriac to/from Michigan-Claremont/Beta.  I'm hoping
these will help us curry a bit of favor with the scholarly-types.  With
these, we can allow users to input B-Greek/Beta, convert that to UTF-8
Greek, and search on that string.