[sword-devel] Sword exporter (Diaspora)

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 8 Oct 2001 03:53:18 -0700

> Two comments:  
> 1) It took me a while to discover where it was putting the 
> output files:  
> without a terminating backslash on the path, it concatenates 
> the version 
> name onto the end of the path string.  Most of us aren't 
> going to realise 
> that the backslash is an essential.

Okay, now it will add the trailing backslash to the path internally (and
if you include it in the path, that's fine too).

> 2) The onscreen output of books being converted freezes at a 
> point which 
> varies according to the version and the output format.  At 
> first I thought 
> the program had hung - especially as I wasn't finding the 
> output files!

It looks like this is being caused by the control's size limits.  As a
first step, I've changed the program to only report once per book rather
than per verse.  Along with some other optimizations, that will speed up
Bibles & commentaries about 100-fold.  I'll work on a better solution
tomorrow, since a person could still theoretically fill the buffer.
> Other than that, it seems to run OK in all three formats.  
> I'm not sure how 
> the OLB output is meant to be used - do I need some kind of import 
> program separate from the OLB executable to handle it?

You'll need to use the tools inside of OLB to import the text.  It's
under one of the far right menus somewhere.

> BTW - forget what I said about bookmarks in my earlier e-mail.  I've 
> sorted it.  Somehow (I've no idea how) my bookmarks files had been 
> marked as 'read only'.  However - when I changed them back, the 
> Windows executable came up with segment errors until I 
> deleted the two 
> .conf files (layout.conf and options.conf).  That seems to be an old 
> problem that has never gone away.  Ought I to mention this to 
> Troy - or 
> maybe David?

You might mention that to David, since layout is his area.  He just did
a bunch of work on it yesterday.  It sounds like maybe the file format
got updated but you had old files.