[sword-devel] Some Win32 Suggestions

David Trotz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 21:13:44 -0700

> Also the devotions splash screen is nice but I am wondering if we can
> it from a splash screen to something more like the tip of the day dialog
> that pops up after the program is loaded. It can have a little check box
> to the bottom left corner that allows the user to turn them off easily if
> they want. There are two reasons for this. 1) is that I always miss the
> devotional quote because the splash dialog is so over-powering on the
> 2) Then sword could have a real splash screen that would show while sword
> actually loading in the background. If these are acceptable ideas I can
> on them myself, or if someone else wants to that is fine with me.

I did a mock-up of my Devotion of Today idea. You can view the jpeg at
http://www.uninetsolutions.com/readingplanner/DevOfTheDay.jpg Let me know
what you think.
In Christ,
David Trotz