[sword-devel] Some Win32 Suggestions

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 04:33:28 -0700

	Went to apply your patch and noticed that you changed things in
CreateTextPane to NOT grab the font from the module's .conf file any
longer... or changed it to look for "Bible Font" instead of "Font"... 
Was wondering what this was about.  Maybe we should use the user defined
font unless the module calls for a specific font.  The Font= tag should
go away soon anyway, since we're moving to the more general Encoding=
tag.  As Chris mentioned, we still have a few issues, like, what if your
default font SAYS it supports a specific encoding, but doesn't really
support it completely...  Anyway, just wanted to understand your
thinking before I apply the patch...


PS.  I'll look at changing the .dfm files to text, if I can figure it
out.  Thanks for pointing this out!

> I just finished my color schemes task this last weekend. Troy has the patch
> and hopefully everyone will reap the benefits soon. One issue I came across
> with making a patch was what to do about those .dfm files for forms in
> Borland. In release 5.0 of Borland C++ Builder they added the option to save
> forms as text, which I suggest we do. I am not sure how diff handles binary
> files for making a patch but I think that if we change all our forms to save
> as text format the diff program can make a patch for those too. As it stands
> now I had to send the modified .dfm form file separately for my last patch.
> So I did a little research and some forms are being saved as text and some
> are not. The following forms are not:
> editentryfrm.dfm
> bookmarkfrm.dfm
> AboutBoxfrm.dfm
> ModInstForm.dfm
> newbmfilefrm.dfm
> searchfrm.dfm
> versesel.dfm
> vrslstfrm.dfm
> Also the devotions splash screen is nice but I am wondering if we can change
> it from a splash screen to something more like the tip of the day dialog
> that pops up after the program is loaded. It can have a little check box off
> to the bottom left corner that allows the user to turn them off easily if
> they want. There are two reasons for this. 1) is that I always miss the
> devotional quote because the splash dialog is so over-powering on the screen
> 2) Then sword could have a real splash screen that would show while sword is
> actually loading in the background. If these are acceptable ideas I can work
> on them myself, or if someone else wants to that is fine with me.
> Another idea I have that I am not ready to work on just yet, is adding the
> ability to right click on a windows and choose "Print Chapter" or "Print
> Book". I haven't learned how to print with Borland yet so this would be a
> while in the making, but I thought I would toss a few ideas your way to see
> what the general consensus is.
> Finally I noticed a bug in the more recent builds of sword. I am not sure if
> the new richedit component is causing this but when I copy paste text from
> sword to WordPad some of the text is only half showing. In Word 2000 it
> works correctly. I am not sure what is causing it.
> That's all for now. I am interested in any feedback you all have.
> In Christ,
> David Trotz