[sword-devel] Some Win32 Suggestions

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 15:24:33 -0700

I can really comment on your BibleCS stuff, never having worked with it,
but it makes sense to move to text forms.

> Also the devotions splash screen is nice but I am wondering 
> if we can change it from a splash screen to something more 
> like the tip of the day dialog that pops up after the program 
> is loaded. It can have a little check box off to the bottom 
> left corner that allows the user to turn them off easily if 
> they want. There are two reasons for this. 1) is that I 
> always miss the devotional quote because the splash dialog is 
> so over-powering on the screen
> 2) Then sword could have a real splash screen that would show 
> while sword is actually loading in the background. If these 
> are acceptable ideas I can work on them myself, or if someone 
> else wants to that is fine with me.

If we want to keep providing devotionals, we should decide on a format
for the date keys. :)  The one we use for the losungen was a total hack
and doesn't handle works like Spurgeon's Mornings and Evenings (unless
we combing mornings and evenings) or devotionals that simply count from
day 1 to day 365.  
> Another idea I have that I am not ready to work on just yet, 
> is adding the ability to right click on a windows and choose 
> "Print Chapter" or "Print Book". I haven't learned how to 
> print with Borland yet so this would be a while in the 
> making, but I thought I would toss a few ideas your way to 
> see what the general consensus is.

Lot's of people ask for printing, so I'm sure your work here would be
much appreciated.
> Finally I noticed a bug in the more recent builds of sword. I 
> am not sure if the new richedit component is causing this but 
> when I copy paste text from sword to WordPad some of the text 
> is only half showing. In Word 2000 it works correctly. I am 
> not sure what is causing it.

Strange.  I'm tempted to say it's just inconsistencies between WordPad
and Word2000 that are MS's fault.  Word2000's RTF handling is a little
more robust. Can you cite an example of a text and a portion of that
text that exhibits this behavior?  It may be a font/locale handling