[sword-devel] Compile Options (fwd)

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 03:32:00 -0700

I have a really good autoconf/automake system for sword that was
submitted a while back from Edward Maros <emaros@ligo.caltech.edu>.  I'm
hoping to get it integrated in 1.7.  Stable 1.6 should be release in a
few months.  We need to release with these new features if every one of
our frontends already depend on them.

	If you'd like to look into the autoconf/automake stuff, you're more
than welcome.  I can email you what I have.  I'm no expert AT ALL, and
the original submitter seems to be busy with other things, though he did
a real good job so far.

	Let me know,


Martin Gruner wrote:
> Hi Nic,
> > UNAME_ARCH = `uname -m`
> >
> > under the "#compiler" section in the Makefile.cfg
> > and changed the intel check from -m486 to be:
> >
> > ifeq ($(system),intel)
> > CFLAGS   += -mcpu=${UNAME_CPU} -march=${UNAME_ARCH}
> > endif
> >
> > NOW, I've only tested this under Mandrake 7.2, so have to idea what this
> > shall do to other systems...  ;)  but that's my 2 cents of effort with the
> > amount of time I have free this week...  what it's doing is this:
> > The string "`uname -m`" is being passed to the command line, and so each
> > time gcc is being called, uname is being called to figure out the arch of
> > the machine...
> Sounds good to me.  If there are no problems with it we should use it.
> BTW: Troy how is the build for windows (used in BibleCS) created? Are you
> using cygwin or crosscompiling? Do you have the uname command available
> there? Can we even switch to autoconf/automake completely?
> Martin