[sword-devel] Compile Options (fwd)

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 24 Jun 2001 21:46:52 +0200

Hi Nic,

> UNAME_ARCH = `uname -m`
> under the "#compiler" section in the Makefile.cfg
> and changed the intel check from -m486 to be:
> ifeq ($(system),intel)
> CFLAGS   += -mcpu=${UNAME_CPU} -march=${UNAME_ARCH}
> endif
> NOW, I've only tested this under Mandrake 7.2, so have to idea what this
> shall do to other systems...  ;)  but that's my 2 cents of effort with the
> amount of time I have free this week...  what it's doing is this:
> The string "`uname -m`" is being passed to the command line, and so each
> time gcc is being called, uname is being called to figure out the arch of
> the machine...

Sounds good to me.  If there are no problems with it we should use it.

BTW: Troy how is the build for windows (used in BibleCS) created? Are you 
using cygwin or crosscompiling? Do you have the uname command available 
there? Can we even switch to autoconf/automake completely?