[sword-devel] Unicode font (Arial Unicode MS) in Java

Johnny Stovall PhD sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 19 Jun 2001 05:29:19 -0500

I'm very interested in your Java.  I just returned from teaching
at Huazhong U of Sci & Tech.  Chinese character computing is a
mess and Java/Unicode looks like the way to go.  My gifted students
Johnny Stovall

At 10:59 AM 6/18/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>Check out the font called Cyberbit at
>It seems to contain everything needed for Chinese Unicode display.
>I have put together a Java program for displaying and searching the
>Chinese Bible. It still needs some work but it does full AND, OR, ! and
>proximity searching based on an index I created of the Chinese Bible. If
>anyone is interested in looking at it, I would be glad to post it somewhere.
>I would also suggest that Java be seriously considered if you are looking
>at Unicode support. It has so much functionality already built in (like
>reading in text in just about any encoding and converting to Unicode,
>On Sun, 17 Jun 2001, David Burry wrote:
>> At 03:26 PM 6/17/2001 +0200, Joachim Ansorg wrote:
>> >Hello David!
>> >
>> >Are you emplyoed by Adobe?
>> Yes.
>> >  Some time ago I downloaded an unicode font from
>> >Adobe, this font worked very well with the chinese CHIGU module.
>> I believe they have several fonts that compose of glyphs for the entire
>> Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) as defined by the Unicode standard (probably
>> version 3.0).
>> Unicode 3.1 and the three new Asian encodings it supports with extensions
>> in additional Planes poses some new technical challenges because there are
>> no font standards in place (yet) that have more than 256 or 65536 character
>> positions possible.  So far there are only 1 byte and 2 byte standards as
>> far as fonts go.
>> >Do you think it's possible that Adobe sponsors a complete or nearly
>> >Unicode font for Crosswire?
>> >Maybe we (Troy :) could print something like "Kindly sponsored by
Adobe!" on
>> >the CDs?
>> I know Adobe's policy about philanthropy is that religious organizations of
>> any kind don't qualify (I've tried and it was easier to just donate myself
>> for the same end result), but I can certainly check with the type and legal
>> depts and see what our options are.  They do these kinds of licences all
>> the time for other things so it seems logical that it shouldn't matter if
>> SWORD is open source or not.  I do know that Adobe stays in business with
>> (and therefore my paychecks come from) royalties for these kinds of things,
>> but I can check if it's possible that any royalty could either be waived in
>> exchange for acknowledgement as you suggest, or at least be paid by an
>> individual or organization in one lump sum not per copy distributed, or
>> perhaps there's some other way.  If they wanted royalties and we (Troy ;)
>> determined this was the best route, I'd be willing to personally contribute
>> to the fund.  Ideally there's at least one font that will not require any
>> royalty, but I don't know yet for sure if there is one...
>> >Joachim
>> Dave