[sword-devel] Unicode font (Arial Unicode MS)

David Burry sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 22 Jun 2001 12:51:19 -0600

Apparently I was misinformed and actually dead wrong when I said Adobe had complete Unicode fonts associated with their name...  But Eric Muller, the primary Adobe representative to the Unicode Consortium (Adobe is a full corporate member) was kind enough to send me the following response.  I am assuming that for full cross platform support we'd need to include a working font.  I'm also assuming this info is old hat to most of you... though that one link at the end might still be interesting ;o)

Sorry I couldn't be more help...


>From: "Eric Muller"
>Subject: Re: Complete Unicode font
>David Burry wrote: 
>>Are there any free-to-distribute _complete_ Unicode fonts?  I mean complete 
>>as of Unicode 3.0.
>The most complete fonts I know are: 
>    * Arial Unicode MS, ~ 51k glyphs, covers pretty much all of Unicode 3.0. It is part of some of MS products, such as Office 2000. Not free. 
>    * Code2000 and Code2001 by James Kass, at <<http://home.att.net/~jameskass/>http://home.att.net/~jameskass/>. 
>For Hebrew specifically, google returns a large number of pages. Maybe <<http://www.snunit.k12.il/heb_new.html>http://www.snunit.k12.il/heb_new.html> will help.