[sword-devel] Unicode font (Arial Unicode MS)

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Mon, 18 Jun 2001 10:59:45 -0700 (PDT)

Hi All,

Check out the font called Cyberbit at
It seems to contain everything needed for Chinese Unicode display.
I have put together a Java program for displaying and searching the
Chinese Bible. It still needs some work but it does full AND, OR, ! and
proximity searching based on an index I created of the Chinese Bible. If
anyone is interested in looking at it, I would be glad to post it somewhere.

I would also suggest that Java be seriously considered if you are looking
at Unicode support. It has so much functionality already built in (like
reading in text in just about any encoding and converting to Unicode,


On Sun, 17 Jun 2001, David Burry wrote:

> At 03:26 PM 6/17/2001 +0200, Joachim Ansorg wrote:
> >Hello David!
> >
> >Are you emplyoed by Adobe?
> Yes.
> >  Some time ago I downloaded an unicode font from
> >Adobe, this font worked very well with the chinese CHIGU module.
> I believe they have several fonts that compose of glyphs for the entire
> Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) as defined by the Unicode standard (probably
> version 3.0).
> Unicode 3.1 and the three new Asian encodings it supports with extensions
> in additional Planes poses some new technical challenges because there are
> no font standards in place (yet) that have more than 256 or 65536 character
> positions possible.  So far there are only 1 byte and 2 byte standards as
> far as fonts go.
> >Do you think it's possible that Adobe sponsors a complete or nearly complete
> >Unicode font for Crosswire?
> >Maybe we (Troy :) could print something like "Kindly sponsored by Adobe!" on
> >the CDs?
> I know Adobe's policy about philanthropy is that religious organizations of
> any kind don't qualify (I've tried and it was easier to just donate myself
> for the same end result), but I can certainly check with the type and legal
> depts and see what our options are.  They do these kinds of licences all
> the time for other things so it seems logical that it shouldn't matter if
> SWORD is open source or not.  I do know that Adobe stays in business with
> (and therefore my paychecks come from) royalties for these kinds of things,
> but I can check if it's possible that any royalty could either be waived in
> exchange for acknowledgement as you suggest, or at least be paid by an
> individual or organization in one lump sum not per copy distributed, or
> perhaps there's some other way.  If they wanted royalties and we (Troy ;)
> determined this was the best route, I'd be willing to personally contribute
> to the fund.  Ideally there's at least one font that will not require any
> royalty, but I don't know yet for sure if there is one...
> >Joachim
> Dave