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Thu, 7 Jun 2001 11:31:35 +0200 (MEST)

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> > Things kindof get driven (at least my plate) by immediate needs of other
> > people doing their own thing with the API.
> What do you mean?

IMO this is how the sword started.
As the project evolves it will become necessary to change the dev process.
Still the immediate needs of frontend developers should be very important.
But there must be some people who are responsible and have a vision / goal
which is reaching farther into future. Otherwise sword will consist of many
small hacks and changes. 
But what if a major architecture change has to be done which has no
immediate result(s)?

> > Really the way to get involved is quite different than a commercial
> > workplace.  I would suggest finding an area that really interests you,
> > and go forward with it.  Post messages stating your intentions, get
> > everyone's feedback, and go for it, whether it be a small addition to
> > the API engine that you see lacking, or an entirely new frontend for a
> > platform we don't support yet.  If you'd like more direction, maybe join
> > some of the other efforts, like bibletime, gnomesword, etc.

Well. Sorry I have to disagree here partly.
I opened up an ad at sourceforge stating we are looking for new developers,
and they came.
These are people who are able to program. They are happy that something like

sword exists and want to contribute to it, sortof giving their gifts and
back to God who gave them.
They have no special interest in what has to be changed in sword. They just
to help. That's why there should be people who have the overview and
to propose single tasks to them.

Sword is no longer like a playground. 
It is already very powerful, and has such great potential!


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