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Thu, 07 Jun 2001 06:31:09 +0800

> Most of the communication is done on this newsgroup.
> As an opensource project, 'direction' is a hard thing to define
> sometimes.  I stated my goals for the next release (1.5.2): compression
> and STEP support.  We're release 1.5.2 within the next few days, God
> willing, and we have added partial STEP support, UTF-8/Unicode support,
> made SWMgr a little easier to use, changes the API to compile on without
> RTTI info (for WinCE) and other changes for VC++ compile.

I understand that direction is a hard thing to define in an open source
project. As a newcomer to the open source development model, I am a bit
skeptical on how things get done. Trust me it is nothing personal against
Sword, I just wonder how things get done in the Bazaar type development
model. I am willing to learn, if you can be patient with me. :)

I have read portions of Eric Raymond's book "The Cathedral and Bazaar" and I
understand that most development occurs because people are scratching an
itch that they have. That concept makes sense, but how does a project mature
if everyone has their own itches to scratch? How does such a model not
collapse under selfishness and pride. Isn't there some structure. Isn't that
what sourceforge helps to create in an open source project? Maybe I am
misunderstanding you.

> Things kindof get driven (at least my plate) by immediate needs of other
> people doing their own thing with the API.

What do you mean?

> Really the way to get involved is quite different than a commercial
> workplace.  I would suggest finding an area that really interests you,
> and go forward with it.  Post messages stating your intentions, get
> everyone's feedback, and go for it, whether it be a small addition to
> the API engine that you see lacking, or an entirely new frontend for a
> platform we don't support yet.  If you'd like more direction, maybe join
> some of the other efforts, like bibletime, gnomesword, etc.

I agree with you there, I have done that in the past here and I plan on
continuing to do just that. I have a lot of fun ideas for the new prototype
GUI once we get it going. The new GUI has really inspired me, to the point I
am abandoning the ReadingPlanner project I am working on, in hopes to
inteligently integrate it and some of my new ideas into the new GUI. I see
some really great potential with the concept of desktops. That is why I want
to stick to the Win32 front end. Your stuck with me Troy :) God willing, I
plan on helping see the Win32 front end move forward and really flourish.
Once I get some of my ideas conceptualized better I will post my intentions
and see what becomes of them.

> With encouragement,

Thanks :)
In Christ,
David Trotz


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