[sword-devel] new WIN32 binary with schemes

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 30 Jul 2001 00:35:24 +1200

> > The display of Hebrew has altered...
> > A different font is used for verses prior to the current verse, and for
> the
> > rightmost letter of hebrew words in commentaries the first time the
> > commentary displays an entry containing Hebrew. Everything else is shown
> in
> > code2000 (even after removing the font= line from the .conf)
> >
> > The display of Hebrew still alters the word order in a line depending on
> > whether the displayed verse is selected or not.
> Hmm. This started with color shemes? What module is that? I need to look
> into it.

BHS module. The font-change effect started with the alpha incorporating
colour-schemes, but your sword_dct doesn't change font's as I described. It
uses code2000 no matter which font is selected.

The hebrew word order problem has been there for a while. I was slightly
incorrect with what I said before... the swapping of the order is dependent
on whether the verse is before the current one or not. i.e. verses after the
current one appear the same when they become the current one, then swap word
order per line when the current verse is after them.

AraSVD has similar problems. Not being able to read hebrew, nor arabic makes
it hard to figure out what it is doing, but looking at Genesis 1:1 in
AraSVD, there appears to be a word with a smiley face in it. If Genesis 1:2
is selected, the smiley face disappears.

Adding Font=Code2000 to the AraSVD.conf results in the smiley face staying


sword.exe changes font and word order for "right to left" modules for verses
between the start of the chapter and the current verse

sword_dct.exe does too, but doesn't change font if font is specified in the

Stephen Denne.