[sword-devel] new WIN32 binary with schemes

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 30 Jul 2001 01:28:04 +1200

> > The font sizes look like they are being altered/scaled incorrectly. For
> > example, chosing small fonts, size 6 - the text appears quite different
> from
> > the size 6 small font. (It looks more like small font 4 doubled). I'm
> > guessing that this is because the size is used as a "base size", and the
> > various displayed pieces (verse numbers, chapter titles, footnotes, etc)
> are
> > sized relative to the base size, however, it appears that the
> text is not
> > shown in the text size chosen, but in a larger font. (Size 8 of small
> fonts
> > is generated by doubling the size 4 bitmaps - which looks terrible.)
> > Is it possible to chose a font size to use for each part (verse number,
> > text, footnote, chapter title, etc)?
> you are right everything is based on the one font size. I need to work on
> this. The advantage is not giving the user so many controls that they get
> lost in the mess of font sizes for this and that. If everything is
> porportional to the main text size things seem to look ok. Except
> when using
> smaller text sizes. I may make 8 or 10 the smallest text size you can
> choose.

This is a minor problem because you can see the preview in the preferences
window, and the problem would probably go away if you make your own
font-selection dialog (as you suggested to get around being able to chose
bold, strike-through, etc)

But here's some more analysis of the problem anyway:
the main problem is that the size shown for the bulk of the text isn't the
size selected in the font-dialog. Some contrived examples:
Choosing Small Fonts 2 results in size 7 being shown.
Choosing Arial Unicode MS 14 results in size 13 being shown.
Choosing Small Fonts 19 results in size 16 being shown.

Stephen Denne.