[sword-devel] Win Sword Module

Jonathan Hughes sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 8 Jul 2001 22:16:04 -0700


    Thanks for the ideas. I have redone the how-tos so there is one going to
be on the new site about installing modules. And I also have already
addressed your other idea, on the download page the installation
instructions are linked directly from the download page. :) I can't wait for
Troy to get back so he can setup on the server a way that we can view the
website before we put it on the regular server for the public to see. That
way people can make suggestions, etc. So I would love to hear more
suggestions when that happens, so stay tuned.

In Christ,

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> Jonathan and all:
> I have a few suggestions on how to resolve the zip question:
> 1.  Let's include an unzip faq on the website.  I will even volunteer to
> write the faq for winzip and powerarchiver users.
> 2.  We might rewrite the SWORD help file to include the unzip faq info.
> Hopefully, people will look to the help file before getting too
> Hopefully, if the link to the faq is prominently displayed on the download
> pages, then the curious downloader will first look at it and get educated
> about the process of installing the files.
> Just some thoughts from a grateful user.
> In Christ,
> Jim
> *Chris:  I will be checking out the module creation faq on the source
> website.  I have found some possible texts for inclusion.  Thanks for all
> the great work that you have done for us.
> >Jonathan wrote:
> >Now my question is how to make it simple
> >for someone that is downloading the Windows zip files to be able to unzip
> >them and install them. The problem lies in all of the files that are
> >in that one zip file, where does the average user unzip all of those
> >to? It will make a mess of their hard drive real quick with downloading
> >installing all the modules they want. How can we creatively tell them how
> >to
> >over come this problem so they don't get confused?
> >
> >In Christ,
> >Jonathan
> >jhughes@crosswire.org
> >
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