[sword-devel] Win Sword Module

James Gross sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 08 Jul 2001 18:24:19

Jonathan and all:

I have a few suggestions on how to resolve the zip question:

1.  Let's include an unzip faq on the website.  I will even volunteer to 
write the faq for winzip and powerarchiver users.

2.  We might rewrite the SWORD help file to include the unzip faq info.  
Hopefully, people will look to the help file before getting too frustrated.

Hopefully, if the link to the faq is prominently displayed on the download 
pages, then the curious downloader will first look at it and get educated 
about the process of installing the files.

Just some thoughts from a grateful user.

In Christ,

*Chris:  I will be checking out the module creation faq on the source forge 
website.  I have found some possible texts for inclusion.  Thanks for all of 
the great work that you have done for us.

>Jonathan wrote:

>Now my question is how to make it simple
>for someone that is downloading the Windows zip files to be able to unzip
>them and install them. The problem lies in all of the files that are zipped
>in that one zip file, where does the average user unzip all of those files
>to? It will make a mess of their hard drive real quick with downloading and
>installing all the modules they want. How can we creatively tell them how 
>over come this problem so they don't get confused?
>In Christ,

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