[sword-devel] Corrupt Bible texts in other languages!!

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 13 Jan 2001 00:56:52 -0700

	Thank you.  These modules are hard for us to verify, since we do not
personally understand these languages.  You have given a good point,
though.  We could have verified them with another online version of the
same text.  Thanks again.  I am still kindof hoping that someone
intimate with these languages will take ownership of their maintenance.


Nathan wrote:
> Good day everyone
> I have been looking at some of the Bibles in the other
> languages. I have noticed that the text in many of them
> have characters missing!!
> Example 1: Vietnamese, Genesis 1:3
>    It reads (in 'English'): "c Chua Tri phan rang: ..."
>    It should read: "c Chua Tri phan rang: ..."
>    The first 3 characters are missing.
> Example 2: Turkish, Matthew 1:1
>    It reads (in 'English'): "brahim olu ..."
>    It should read: "brahim olu ..."
>    The first character is missing.
> Example 3: Romanian, Genesis 1:7
>    It reads: "i Dumnezeu a fcut ntinderea..."
>    The first character is missing.
> Example 4: Hungarian, Genesis 1:3
>    It reads: "s monda Isten..."
>    It should read: "s monda Isten..."
>    The first character is missing.
> Conclusion: If the verse started with characters of value > 127,
> these characters were thrown away.
> I have checked these with other Bibles on the Internet,
> and have confirmed that this is a problem. This means that
> the web interfaces like Diatheke, etc. are also giving out
> "chopped-off" verses in their Bibles.
> Could this have been the conversion tool from Online Bible?
> Regards,
> nathan
> http://www.nathan.co.za