[sword-devel] portability

Daniel Glassey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 12 Jan 2001 11:33:13 -0000

The debian packages are coming along, but this issue has come up. At 
the moment you need to choose the platform manually. But when the 
debian autobuilders try to build the package they will need to 
determine it themselves.
One option is autoconf (you don't have to have automake as well so 
the build system can stay virtually the same). I'll probably have a go 
at it over the weekend, but I was just wondering if anyone had any 
thoughts first?


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I've looked over your packages and each has a couple minor things that
need to be changed. Let's start with sword. I have sword-1.5.1a, is
this the latest version?

The first thing that needs to be changed is the makefile. It assumes
the system is intel, always. This will break on other platforms,
especially with the autobuild scripts (most archs are using autobuild
scripts). You can change it to automatically determine the platform
and add entries for all of them (alpha, sparc, powerpc, arm, etc)
which would be easiest or convert over to autoconf (probably better
for long run). Which ever you decide is up to you and I'd suggest
sending your patches upstream so they may be included in future

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