[sword-devel] Hebrew Bible Copyright contact

Don A. Elbourne Jr. sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 2 Jan 2001 14:53:25 -0600


OK. Great, I'll work on it.

BTW: I also have a copy of the Hebrew Bible from the Oxford Text Archive
that has been converted to MS Word using the free SIL Ezra Hebrew font. It
is not morphologically tagged but it has a much more lax license agreement.
I'll have to read it again, but I'm pretty sure that derivative works can be
distributed if they remain free. Would you like to take a look at that file?
I played around with it some and converted it to WordPerfect and to PDF as

Don A. Elbourne Jr.

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> > Most all of the Bible software packages that have the Hebrew Bible use
> > The Westminster Hebrew Morphology text. Gramcord, BibleWindows,
> > BibleWorks,
> > Logos, WordSearch, BART, Bible Companion all use this text. I would be
> > interested in contacting the license holder on behalf of the
> Sword Project
> > to see if you could use it.
> This sounds great, if we can get permission.
> > It looks like the transliteration scheme is in lower level ASCII,
> > but I have
> > an ASCII table to map the characters to the BWHebb TrueType font. If you
> > wanted to use a different font with a different mapping scheme,
> > I'm sure we
> > could work that out as well.
> It would be good if we had a way to do transliteration into readable Roman
> characters also.   Biola's Unbound Bible page has a
> transliterated BHS, but
> it's still far from readable (uses +'s and $'s for example).
> > >gn1:1
> > gn1:1,1.1 B.: B.@Pp
> > gn1:1,1.2 R")$I^YT R")$IYT@ncfs
> > gn1:1,2.1 B.FRF^) B.R)_1@vqp3ms
> > gn1:1,3.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
> Here is how I would render that portion of Gen 1:1:
> <DR>B.: <RL>B.<Rl><RM>Pp<Rm> R")$I^YT <RL>R")$IYT<Rl><RM>ncfs<Rm> B.FRF^)
> <RL>B.R)_1<Rl><RM>vqp3ms<Rm> ):ELOHI^YM <RL>):ELOHIYM<Rl><RM>ncmp<Rm>
> It adds a couple tags to the GBF spec (RL/Rl for Lexical form and
> RM/Rm for
> morphological tag).  We might want to reverse the ordering on the text in
> the module rather than do it in the filter just to avoid the pain
> of keeping
> track of which parts of a line to reverse and which to maintain.
> --Chris