[sword-devel] Hebrew Bible Copyright contact

Don A. Elbourne Jr. sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 2 Jan 2001 10:17:12 -0600

Most all of the Bible software packages that have the Hebrew Bible use
The Westminster Hebrew Morphology text. Gramcord, BibleWindows, BibleWorks,
Logos, WordSearch, BART, Bible Companion all use this text. I would be
interested in contacting the license holder on behalf of the Sword Project
to see if you could use it.

But before I did, I wanted to check with the Sword development team to make
sure it was OK for me to do so. I also need to know if you would be able to
work with the text if permission was granted. Below is a sample of the data
format. The format appears pretty straight forward. Just looking at it I see
that the fields are as follows, book, chapter, verse, X, the Hebrew word as
it appears in the text, the lexical form of the word, and the morphological
tag separated by a "@". The X number indicates the order from right to left
of the words if combined. For example the first word in the Hebrew Bible is
prefixed with the bet preposition, so the preposition takes the 1 slot and
the noun takes the 2 slot.

It looks like the transliteration scheme is in lower level ASCII, but I have
an ASCII table to map the characters to the BWHebb TrueType font. If you
wanted to use a different font with a different mapping scheme, I'm sure we
could work that out as well.

Remember Hebrew goes from right to left, so that will need to be taken into
consideration as well when rendering the text so that it will wrap

Let me know what you think. If you think this would be usable by the Sword
project, I'll see what I can do about licensing.

Sample datafile structure - Genesis 1

gn1:1,1.1 B.: B.@Pp
gn1:1,1.2 R")$I^YT R")$IYT@ncfs
gn1:1,2.1 B.FRF^) B.R)_1@vqp3ms
gn1:1,3.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:1,4.1 )"^T )"T@Po
gn1:1,5.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:1,5.2 $.FMA^YIM $FMAYIM@ncmp
gn1:1,6.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:1,6.2 )"^T )"T@Po
gn1:1,7.1 HF H@Pa
gn1:1,7.2 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:2,1.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:2,1.2 HF H@Pa
gn1:2,1.3 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:2,2.1 HFY:TF^H HYH@vqp3fs
gn1:2,3.1 TO^HW.^ T.OHW.@ncms
gn1:2,4.1 WF W@Pc
gn1:2,4.2 BO^HW. B.OHW.@ncms
gn1:2,5.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:2,5.2 XO^$EK: XO$EK:@ncms
gn1:2,6.1 (AL- (AL_2@Pp
gn1:2,6.2 P.:N"^Y P.FNEH@ncbpc
gn1:2,7.1 T:HO^WM T.:HOWM@ncbs
gn1:2,8.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:2,8.2 R^W.XA RW.XA@ncbs
gn1:2,9.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:2,10.1 M:RAXE^PET RXP@vpPfs
gn1:2,11.1 (AL- (AL_2@Pp
gn1:2,11.2 P.:N"^Y P.FNEH@ncbpc
gn1:2,12.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:2,12.2 M.F^YIM MAYIM@ncmp
gn1:3,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:3,1.2 Y.O^)MER )MR_1@vqw3ms
gn1:3,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:3,3.1 Y:HI^Y HYH@vqi3msXa{1}Jt
gn1:3,4.1 )O^WR )OWR@ncbs
gn1:3,5.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:3,5.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:3,5.3 )O^WR )OWR@ncbs
gn1:4,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:4,1.2 Y.A^R:) R)H@vqw3msXa
gn1:4,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:4,3.1 )ET- )"T@Po
gn1:4,3.2 HF H@Pa
gn1:4,3.3 )O^WR )OWR@ncbs
gn1:4,4.1 K.IY- K.IY_2@Pp
gn1:4,4.2 +O^WB +OWB_1@ams
gn1:4,5.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:4,5.2 Y.AB:D."^L B.DL@vhw3msXa
gn1:4,6.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:4,7.1 B."^YN B.AYIN@Pp
gn1:4,8.1 HF H@Pa
gn1:4,8.2 )O^WR )OWR@ncbs
gn1:4,9.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:4,9.2 B"^YN B.AYIN@Pp
gn1:4,10.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:4,10.2 XO^$EK: XO$EK:@ncms
gn1:5,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:5,1.2 Y.IQ:RF^) QR)_1@vqw3ms
gn1:5,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:5,3.1 LF L@Pp+Pa
gn1:5,3.2 )OWR^ )OWR@ncbs
gn1:5,4.1 YO^WM YOWM@ncms
gn1:5,5.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:5,5.2 LA L@Pp+Pa
gn1:5,5.3 XO^$EK: XO$EK:@ncms
gn1:5,6.1 QF^RF) QR)_1@vqp3ms
gn1:5,7.1 LF^Y:LFH LAY:LFH@ncms
gn1:5,8.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:5,8.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:5,8.3 (E^REB (EREB_1@ncms
gn1:5,9.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:5,9.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:5,9.3 BO^QER B.OQER_2@ncms
gn1:5,10.1 YO^WM YOWM@ncms
gn1:5,11.1 )EXF^D )EXFD@ams
gn1:5,12.1 P P@x
gn1:6,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:6,1.2 Y.O^)MER )MR_1@vqw3ms
gn1:6,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:6,3.1 Y:HI^Y HYH@vqi3msXa{1}Jt
gn1:6,4.1 RFQI^Y(A RFQIY(A@ncms
gn1:6,5.1 B.: B.@Pp
gn1:6,5.2 TO^WK: T.FWEK:@ncmsc
gn1:6,6.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:6,6.2 M.F^YIM MAYIM@ncmp
gn1:6,7.1 WI W@Pc
gn1:6,7.2 YHI^Y HYH@vqi3msXa{1}Jt
gn1:6,8.1 MAB:D.I^YL B.DL@vhPms
gn1:6,9.1 B."^YN B.AYIN@Pp
gn1:6,10.1 MA^YIM MAYIM@ncmp
gn1:6,11.1 LF L@Pp
gn1:6,11.2 MF^YIM MAYIM@ncmp
gn1:7,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:7,1.2 Y.A^(A& (&H_1@vqw3msXa
gn1:7,2.1 ):ELOHIYM^ ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:7,3.1 )ET- )"T@Po
gn1:7,3.2 HF H@Pa
gn1:7,3.3 RFQIY(A^ RFQIY(A@ncms
gn1:7,4.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:7,4.2 Y.AB:D."^L B.DL@vhw3msXa
gn1:7,5.1 B."^YN B.AYIN@Pp
gn1:7,6.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:7,6.2 M.A^YIM^ MAYIM@ncmp
gn1:7,7.1 ):A$ER^ ):A$ER@Pr
gn1:7,8.1 MI MIN@Pp
gn1:7,8.2 T.A^XAT T.AXAT_1@Pp
gn1:7,9.1 LF L@Pp+Pa
gn1:7,9.2 RFQI^Y(A RFQIY(A@ncms
gn1:7,10.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:7,10.2 B"^YN B.AYIN@Pp
gn1:7,11.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:7,11.2 M.A^YIM MAYIM@ncmp
gn1:7,12.1 ):A$E^R ):A$ER@Pr
gn1:7,13.1 M" MIN@Pp
gn1:7,13.2 (A^L (AL_2@Pp
gn1:7,14.1 LF L@Pp+Pa
gn1:7,14.2 RFQI^Y(A RFQIY(A@ncms
gn1:7,15.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:7,15.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:7,15.3 K"^N K."N_2@Pd
gn1:8,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:8,1.2 Y.IQ:RF^) QR)_1@vqw3ms
gn1:8,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:8,3.1 LF^ L@Pp+Pa
gn1:8,3.2 RFQI^Y(A RFQIY(A@ncms
gn1:8,4.1 $FMF^YIM $FMAYIM@ncmp
gn1:8,5.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:8,5.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:8,5.3 (E^REB (EREB_1@ncms
gn1:8,6.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:8,6.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:8,6.3 BO^QER B.OQER_2@ncms
gn1:8,7.1 YO^WM YOWM@ncms
gn1:8,8.1 $"NI^Y $"NIY@ams
gn1:8,9.1 P P@x
gn1:9,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:9,1.2 Y.O^)MER )MR_1@vqw3ms
gn1:9,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:9,3.1 YIQ.FW^W. QWH_2@vni3mp{1}Jm
gn1:9,4.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:9,4.2 M.A^YIM MAYIM@ncmp
gn1:9,5.1 MI MIN@Pp
gn1:9,5.2 T.A^XAT T.AXAT_1@Pp
gn1:9,6.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:9,6.2 $.FMA^YIM^ $FMAYIM@ncmp
gn1:9,7.1 )EL- )EL@Pp
gn1:9,7.2 MFQO^WM MFQOWM@ncms
gn1:9,8.1 )EXF^D )EXFD@ams
gn1:9,9.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:9,9.2 T"RF)E^H R)H@vni3fs{1}Jm
gn1:9,10.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:9,10.2 Y.AB.F$F^H YAB.F$FH@ncfs
gn1:9,11.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:9,11.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:9,11.3 K"^N K."N_2@Pd
gn1:10,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:10,1.2 Y.IQ:RF^) QR)_1@vqw3ms
gn1:10,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:10,3.1 LA L@Pp+Pa
gn1:10,3.2 Y.AB.F$FH^ YAB.F$FH@ncfs
gn1:10,4.1 )E^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:10,5.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:10,5.2 L: L@Pp
gn1:10,5.3 MIQ:W"^H MIQ:WEH_2@ncmsc
gn1:10,6.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:10,6.2 M.A^YIM MAYIM@ncmp
gn1:10,7.1 QFRF^) QR)_1@vqp3ms
gn1:10,8.1 YAM.I^YM YFM@ncmp
gn1:10,9.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:10,9.2 Y.A^R:) R)H@vqw3msXa
gn1:10,10.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:10,11.1 K.IY- K.IY_2@Pp
gn1:10,11.2 +O^WB +OWB_1@ams
gn1:11,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:11,1.2 Y.O^)MER )MR_1@vqw3ms
gn1:11,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:11,3.1 T.A^D:$"^) D.$)@vhi3fsXa{1}Jt
gn1:11,4.1 HF H@Pa
gn1:11,4.2 )F^REC^ )EREC@ncbs
gn1:11,5.1 D.E^$E) D.E$E)@ncms
gn1:11,6.1 ^("&EB ("&EB@ncms
gn1:11,7.1 MAZ:RI^Y(A ZR(@vhPms
gn1:11,8.1 ZE^RA( ZERA(@ncms
gn1:11,9.1 ("^C ("C@ncmsc
gn1:11,10.1 P.:RI^Y P.:RIY@ncms
gn1:11,11.1 (O^&EH (&H_1@vqPms
gn1:11,12.1 P.:RIY^ P.:RIY@ncms
gn1:11,13.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:11,13.2 MIYN/O^W MIYN@ncmscX3ms
gn1:11,14.1 ):A$E^R ):A$ER@Pr
gn1:11,15.1 ZAR:(/OW- ZERA(@ncmscX3ms
gn1:11,15.2 B/O^W B.@PpX3ms
gn1:11,16.1 (AL- (AL_2@Pp
gn1:11,16.2 HF H@Pa
gn1:11,16.3 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:11,17.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:11,17.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:11,17.3 K"^N K."N_2@Pd
gn1:12,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:12,1.2 T.OWC"^) YC)@vhw3fsXa
gn1:12,2.1 HF H@Pa
gn1:12,2.2 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:12,3.1 ^D.E$E) D.E$E)@ncms
gn1:12,4.1 ("^&EB ("&EB@ncms
gn1:12,5.1 MAZ:RI^Y(A ZR(@vhPms
gn1:12,6.1 ZE^RA(^ ZERA(@ncms
gn1:12,7.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:12,7.2 MIYN/"^HW. MIYN@ncmscX3ms
gn1:12,8.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:12,8.2 ("^C ("C@ncms
gn1:12,9.1]3 (O^&EH- (&H_1@vqPms
gn1:12,9.2]3 P.:RI^Y P.:RIY@ncms
gn1:12,10.1 ):A$E^R ):A$ER@Pr
gn1:12,11.1 ZAR:(/OW- ZERA(@ncmscX3ms
gn1:12,11.2 B/O^W B.@PpX3ms
gn1:12,12.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:12,12.2 MIYN/"^HW. MIYN@ncmscX3ms
gn1:12,13.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:12,13.2 Y.A^R:) R)H@vqw3msXa
gn1:12,14.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:12,15.1 K.IY- K.IY_2@Pp
gn1:12,15.2 +O^WB +OWB_1@ams
gn1:13,1.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:13,1.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:13,1.3 (E^REB (EREB_1@ncms
gn1:13,2.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:13,2.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:13,2.3 BO^QER B.OQER_2@ncms
gn1:13,3.1 YO^WM YOWM@ncms
gn1:13,4.1 $:LIY$I^Y $:LIY$IY@ams
gn1:13,5.1 P P@x
gn1:14,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:14,1.2 Y.O^)MER )MR_1@vqw3ms
gn1:14,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:14,3.1 Y:HI^Y HYH@vqi3msXa{1}Jt
gn1:14,4.1 M:)OROT^ MF)OWR@ncmp
gn1:14,5.1 B.I B.@Pp
gn1:14,5.2 R:QI^Y(A RFQIY(A@ncmsc
gn1:14,6.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:14,6.2 $.FMA^YIM $FMAYIM@ncmp
gn1:14,7.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:14,7.2 HAB:D.I^YL B.DL@vhc
gn1:14,8.1 B."^YN B.AYIN@Pp
gn1:14,9.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:14,9.2 Y.O^WM YOWM@ncms
gn1:14,10.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:14,10.2 B"^YN B.AYIN@Pp
gn1:14,11.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:14,11.2 L.F^Y:LFH LAY:LFH@ncms
gn1:14,12.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:14,12.2 HFY^W. HYH@vqp3cp{2}
gn1:14,13.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:14,13.2 )OTOT^ )OWT@ncbp
gn1:14,14.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:14,14.2 L: L@Pp
gn1:14,14.3 MO^W(:ADI^YM MOW("D@ncmp
gn1:14,15.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:14,15.2 L: L@Pp
gn1:14,15.3 YFMI^YM YOWM@ncmp
gn1:14,16.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:14,16.2 $FNI^YM $FNFH@ncfp
gn1:15,1.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:15,1.2 HFY^W. HYH@vqp3cp{2}
gn1:15,2.1 LI L@Pp
gn1:15,2.2 M:)OWROT^ MF)OWR@ncmp
gn1:15,3.1 B.I B.@Pp
gn1:15,3.2 R:QI^Y(A RFQIY(A@ncmsc
gn1:15,4.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:15,4.2 $.FMA^YIM $FMAYIM@ncmp
gn1:15,5.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:15,5.2 HF)I^YR )WR@vhc
gn1:15,6.1 (AL- (AL_2@Pp
gn1:15,6.2 HF H@Pa
gn1:15,6.3 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:15,7.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:15,7.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:15,7.3 K"^N K."N_2@Pd
gn1:16,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:16,1.2 Y.A^(A& (&H_1@vqw3msXa
gn1:16,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:16,3.1 )ET- )"T@Po
gn1:16,3.2 $:N"^Y $:NAYIM@amdc
gn1:16,4.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:16,4.2 M.:)ORO^T MF)OWR@ncmp
gn1:16,5.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:16,5.2 G.:DOLI^YM G.FDOWL@amp
gn1:16,6.1 )ET- )"T@Po
gn1:16,6.2 HA H@Pa
gn1:16,6.3 M.F)O^WR MF)OWR@ncms
gn1:16,7.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:16,7.2 G.FDOL^ G.FDOWL@ams
gn1:16,8.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:16,8.2 MEM:$E^LET MEM:$FLFH@ncfsc
gn1:16,9.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:16,9.2 Y.O^WM YOWM@ncms
gn1:16,10.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:16,10.2 )ET- )"T@Po
gn1:16,10.3 HA H@Pa
gn1:16,10.4 M.F)O^WR MF)OWR@ncms
gn1:16,11.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:16,11.2 Q.F+ON^ QF+ON@ams
gn1:16,12.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:16,12.2 MEM:$E^LET MEM:$FLFH@ncfsc
gn1:16,13.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:16,13.2 L.A^Y:LFH LAY:LFH@ncms
gn1:16,14.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:16,14.2 )"^T )"T@Po
gn1:16,15.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:16,15.2 K.OWKFBI^YM K.OWKFB@ncmp
gn1:17,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:17,1.2 Y.IT."^N NTN@vqw3ms
gn1:17,2.1 )OT/F^M )"T@PoX3mp
gn1:17,3.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:17,4.1 B.I B.@Pp
gn1:17,4.2 R:QI^Y(A RFQIY(A@ncmsc
gn1:17,5.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:17,5.2 $.FMF^YIM $FMAYIM@ncmp
gn1:17,6.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:17,6.2 HF)I^YR )WR@vhc
gn1:17,7.1 (AL- (AL_2@Pp
gn1:17,7.2 HF H@Pa
gn1:17,7.3 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:18,1.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:18,1.2 LI L@Pp
gn1:18,1.3 M:$OL^ M$L_2@vqc
gn1:18,2.1 B.A B.@Pp+Pa
gn1:18,2.2 Y.O^WM YOWM@ncms
gn1:18,3.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:18,3.2 BA B.@Pp+Pa
gn1:18,3.3 L.A^Y:LFH LAY:LFH@ncms
gn1:18,4.1 W.^ W@Pc
gn1:18,4.2 L:A L@Pp
gn1:18,4.3 HAB:D.I^YL B.DL@vhc
gn1:18,5.1 B."^YN B.AYIN@Pp
gn1:18,6.1 HF H@Pa
gn1:18,6.2 )O^WR )OWR@ncbs
gn1:18,7.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:18,7.2 B"^YN B.AYIN@Pp
gn1:18,8.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:18,8.2 XO^$EK: XO$EK:@ncms
gn1:18,9.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:18,9.2 Y.A^R:) R)H@vqw3msXa
gn1:18,10.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:18,11.1 K.IY- K.IY_2@Pp
gn1:18,11.2 +O^WB +OWB_1@ams
gn1:19,1.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:19,1.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:19,1.3 (E^REB (EREB_1@ncms
gn1:19,2.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:19,2.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:19,2.3 BO^QER B.OQER_2@ncms
gn1:19,3.1 YO^WM YOWM@ncms
gn1:19,4.1 R:BIY(I^Y R:BIY(IY@ams
gn1:19,5.1 P P@x
gn1:20,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:20,1.2 Y.O^)MER )MR_1@vqw3ms
gn1:20,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:20,3.1 YI$:R:C^W. $RC@vqi3mp{1}Jm
gn1:20,4.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:20,4.2 M.A^YIM MAYIM@ncmp
gn1:20,5.1 $E^REC $EREC@ncms
gn1:20,6.1 NE^PE$ NEPE$@ncfs
gn1:20,7.1 XAY.F^H XAY_1@afs
gn1:20,8.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:20,8.2 (OWP^ (OWP@ncms
gn1:20,9.1 Y:(OWP"^P (WP_1@vei3ms{1}Jm
gn1:20,10.1 (AL- (AL_2@Pp
gn1:20,10.2 HF H@Pa
gn1:20,10.3 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:20,11.1 (AL- (AL_2@Pp
gn1:20,11.2 P.:N"^Y P.FNEH@ncbpc
gn1:20,12.1 R:QI^Y(A RFQIY(A@ncmsc
gn1:20,13.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:20,13.2 $.FMF^YIM $FMAYIM@ncmp
gn1:21,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:21,1.2 Y.IB:RF^) B.R)_1@vqw3ms
gn1:21,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:21,3.1 )ET- )"T@Po
gn1:21,3.2 HA H@Pa
gn1:21,3.3 T.AN.IYNI^M T.AN.IYN@ncmp
gn1:21,4.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:21,4.2 G.:DOLI^YM G.FDOWL@amp
gn1:21,5.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:21,5.2 )"^T )"T@Po
gn1:21,6.1 K.FL- K.OL@ncmsc
gn1:21,6.2 NE^PE$ NEPE$@ncfs
gn1:21,7.1 HA^ H@Pa
gn1:21,7.2 XAY.F^H XAY_1@afs
gn1:21,8.1 HF^ H@Pa
gn1:21,8.2 ROME^&ET RM&@vqPfs
gn1:21,9.1 ):A$ER^ ):A$ER@Pr
gn1:21,10.1 $FR:C^W. $RC@vqp3cp
gn1:21,11.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:21,11.2 M.A^YIM MAYIM@ncmp
gn1:21,12.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:21,12.2 MI^YN/"HE^M MIYN@ncmpcX3mp
gn1:21,13.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:21,13.2 )"^T )"T@Po
gn1:21,14.1 K.FL- K.OL@ncmsc
gn1:21,14.2 (O^WP (OWP@ncms
gn1:21,15.1 K.FNFP^ K.FNFP@ncfs
gn1:21,16.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:21,16.2 MIYN/"^HW. MIYN@ncmscX3ms
gn1:21,17.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:21,17.2 Y.A^R:) R)H@vqw3msXa
gn1:21,18.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:21,19.1 K.IY- K.IY_2@Pp
gn1:21,19.2 +O^WB +OWB_1@ams
gn1:22,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:22,1.2 Y:BF^REK: B.RK:_2@vpw3ms
gn1:22,2.1 )OT/F^M )"T@PoX3mp
gn1:22,3.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:22,4.1 L" L@Pp
gn1:22,4.2 )MO^R )MR_1@vqc
gn1:22,5.1 P.:R^W. P.RH@vqvmp
gn1:22,6.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:22,6.2 R:B^W. RBH_1@vqvmp
gn1:22,7.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:22,7.2 MIL:)^W. ML)@vqvmp
gn1:22,8.1 )ET- )"T@Po
gn1:22,8.2 HA H@Pa
gn1:22,8.3 M.A^YIM^ MAYIM@ncmp
gn1:22,9.1 B.A B.@Pp+Pa
gn1:22,9.2 Y.AM.I^YM YFM@ncmp
gn1:22,10.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:22,10.2 HF H@Pa
gn1:22,10.3 (O^WP (OWP@ncms
gn1:22,11.1 YI^REB RBH_1@vqi3msXa{1}Jt
gn1:22,12.1 B.F B.@Pp+Pa
gn1:22,12.2 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:23,1.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:23,1.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:23,1.3 (E^REB (EREB_1@ncms
gn1:23,2.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:23,2.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:23,2.3 BO^QER B.OQER_2@ncms
gn1:23,3.1 YO^WM YOWM@ncms
gn1:23,4.1 X:AMIY$I^Y X:AMIY$IY@ams
gn1:23,5.1 P P@x
gn1:24,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:24,1.2 Y.O^)MER )MR_1@vqw3ms
gn1:24,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:24,3.1 T.OWC"^) YC)@vhi3fsXa{1}Jt
gn1:24,4.1 HF H@Pa
gn1:24,4.2 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:24,5.1 NE^PE$ NEPE$@ncfs
gn1:24,6.1 XAY.FH^ XAY_1@afs
gn1:24,7.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:24,7.2 MIYN/F^H. MIYN@ncmscX3fs
gn1:24,8.1 B.:H"MF^H B.:H"MFH@ncfs
gn1:24,9.1 WF W@Pc
gn1:24,9.2 RE^ME& REME&@ncms
gn1:24,10.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:24,10.2 XA^Y:TOW- XAY.FH_1@ncfsc
gn1:24,10.3 )E^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:24,11.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:24,11.2 MIYN/F^H. MIYN@ncmscX3fs
gn1:24,12.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:24,12.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:24,12.3 K"^N K."N_2@Pd
gn1:25,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:25,1.2 Y.A^(A& (&H_1@vqw3msXa
gn1:25,2.1 ):ELOHIYM^ ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:25,3.1 )ET- )"T@Po
gn1:25,3.2 XAY.A^T XAY.FH_1@ncfsc
gn1:25,4.1 HF H@Pa
gn1:25,4.2 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:25,5.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:25,5.2 MIYN/F^H. MIYN@ncmscX3fs
gn1:25,6.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:25,6.2 )ET- )"T@Po
gn1:25,6.3 HA H@Pa
gn1:25,6.4 B.:H"MFH^ B.:H"MFH@ncfs
gn1:25,7.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:25,7.2 MIYN/F^H. MIYN@ncmscX3fs
gn1:25,8.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:25,8.2 )"^T )"T@Po
gn1:25,9.1 K.FL- K.OL@ncmsc
gn1:25,9.2 RE^ME& REME&@ncms
gn1:25,10.1 HF^ H@Pa
gn1:25,10.2 ):ADFMF^H ):ADFMFH_1@ncfs
gn1:25,11.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:25,11.2 MIYN/"^HW. MIYN@ncmscX3ms
gn1:25,12.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:25,12.2 Y.A^R:) R)H@vqw3msXa
gn1:25,13.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:25,14.1 K.IY- K.IY_2@Pp
gn1:25,14.2 +O^WB +OWB_1@ams
gn1:26,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:26,1.2 Y.O^)MER )MR_1@vqw3ms
gn1:26,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:26,3.1 NA^(:A&E^H (&H_1@vqi1cp{1}Cm
gn1:26,4.1 )FDF^M )FDFM_1@ncms
gn1:26,5.1 B.: B.@Pp
gn1:26,5.2 CAL:M/"^NW. CELEM_1@ncmscX1cp
gn1:26,6.1 K.I K.@Pp
gn1:26,6.2 D:MW.T/"^NW. D.:MW.T@ncfscX1cp
gn1:26,7.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:26,7.2 YIR:D.W.^ RDH_1@vqi3mp{1}Jm
gn1:26,8.1 BI B.@Pp
gn1:26,8.2 D:GA^T D.FGFH@ncfsc
gn1:26,9.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:26,9.2 Y.F^M YFM@ncms
gn1:26,10.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:26,10.2 B: B.@Pp
gn1:26,10.3 (O^WP (OWP@ncms
gn1:26,11.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:26,11.2 $.FMA^YIM $FMAYIM@ncmp
gn1:26,12.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:26,12.2 BA B.@Pp+Pa
gn1:26,12.3 B.:H"MFH^ B.:H"MFH@ncfs
gn1:26,13.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:26,13.2 B: B.@Pp
gn1:26,13.3 KFL- K.OL@ncmsc
gn1:26,13.4 HF H@Pa
gn1:26,13.5 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:26,14.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:26,14.2 B: B.@Pp
gn1:26,14.3 KFL- K.OL@ncmsc
gn1:26,14.4 HF H@Pa
gn1:26,14.5 RE^ME& REME&@ncms
gn1:26,15.1 HF^ H@Pa
gn1:26,15.2 ROM"^& RM&@vqPms
gn1:26,16.1 (AL- (AL_2@Pp
gn1:26,16.2 HF H@Pa
gn1:26,16.3 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:27,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:27,1.2 Y.IB:RF^) B.R)_1@vqw3ms
gn1:27,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:27,3.1 )ET- )"T@Po
gn1:27,3.2 HF^ H@Pa
gn1:27,3.3 )FDFM^ )FDFM_1@ncms
gn1:27,4.1 B.: B.@Pp
gn1:27,4.2 CAL:M/O^W CELEM_1@ncmscX3ms
gn1:27,5.1 B.: B.@Pp
gn1:27,5.2 CE^LEM CELEM_1@ncms
gn1:27,6.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:27,7.1 B.FRF^) B.R)_1@vqp3ms
gn1:27,8.1 )OT/O^W )"T@PoX3ms
gn1:27,9.1 ZFKF^R ZFKFR@ncms
gn1:27,10.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:27,10.2 N:Q"BF^H N:Q"BFH@ncfs
gn1:27,11.1 B.FRF^) B.R)_1@vqp3ms
gn1:27,12.1 )OT/F^M )"T@PoX3mp
gn1:28,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:28,1.2 Y:BF^REK: B.RK:_2@vpw3ms
gn1:28,2.1 )OT/FM^ )"T@PoX3mp
gn1:28,3.1 ):ELOHIYM^ ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:28,4.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:28,4.2 Y.O^)MER )MR_1@vqw3ms
gn1:28,5.1 L/FHE^M L@PpX3mp
gn1:28,6.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:28,7.1 P.:R^W. P.RH@vqvmp
gn1:28,8.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:28,8.2 R:B^W. RBH_1@vqvmp
gn1:28,9.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:28,9.2 MIL:)^W. ML)@vqvmp
gn1:28,10.1 )ET- )"T@Po
gn1:28,10.2 HF H@Pa
gn1:28,10.3 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:28,11.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:28,11.2 KIB:$U^/HF K.B$@vqvmpX3fs
gn1:28,12.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:28,12.2 R:D^W. RDH_1@vqvmp
gn1:28,13.1 B.I B.@Pp
gn1:28,13.2 D:GA^T D.FGFH@ncfsc
gn1:28,14.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:28,14.2 Y.FM^ YFM@ncms
gn1:28,15.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:28,15.2 B: B.@Pp
gn1:28,15.3 (O^WP (OWP@ncms
gn1:28,16.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:28,16.2 $.FMA^YIM $FMAYIM@ncmp
gn1:28,17.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:28,17.2 B: B.@Pp
gn1:28,17.3 KFL- K.OL@ncmsc
gn1:28,17.4 XAY.F^H XAY.FH_1@ncfs
gn1:28,18.1 HF^ H@Pa
gn1:28,18.2 ROME^&ET RM&@vqPfs
gn1:28,19.1 (AL- (AL_2@Pp
gn1:28,19.2 HF H@Pa
gn1:28,19.3 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:29,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:29,1.2 Y.O^)MER )MR_1@vqw3ms
gn1:29,2.1 ):ELOHI^YM ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:29,3.1 HIN."H^ HIN."H@Pi
gn1:29,4.1 NFTA^T.IY NTN@vqp1cs
gn1:29,5.1 L/FKE^M L@PpX2mp
gn1:29,6.1 )ET- )"T@Po
gn1:29,6.2 K.FL- K.OL@ncmsc
gn1:29,6.3 ("^&EB ("&EB@ncms
gn1:29,7.1 ZOR"^(A ZR(@vqPms
gn1:29,8.1 ZE^RA( ZERA(@ncms
gn1:29,9.1 ):A$ER^ ):A$ER@Pr
gn1:29,10.1 (AL- (AL_2@Pp
gn1:29,10.2 P.:N"^Y P.FNEH@ncbpc
gn1:29,11.1 KFL- K.OL@ncmsc
gn1:29,11.2 HF H@Pa
gn1:29,11.3 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:29,12.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:29,12.2 )ET- )"T@Po
gn1:29,12.3 K.FL- K.OL@ncmsc
gn1:29,12.4 HF H@Pa
gn1:29,12.5 ("^C ("C@ncms
gn1:29,13.1 ):A$ER- ):A$ER@Pr
gn1:29,13.2 B./O^W B.@PpX3ms
gn1:29,14.1 P:RIY- P.:RIY@ncms
gn1:29,14.2 ("^C ("C@ncms
gn1:29,15.1 ZOR"^(A ZR(@vqPms
gn1:29,16.1 ZF^RA( ZERA(@ncms
gn1:29,17.1 L/FKE^M L@PpX2mp
gn1:29,18.1 YI^H:YE^H HYH@vqi3ms
gn1:29,19.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:29,19.2 )FK:LF^H )FK:LFH@ncfs
gn1:30,1.1 W.^ W@Pc
gn1:30,1.2 L: L@Pp
gn1:30,1.3 KFL- K.OL@ncmsc
gn1:30,1.4 XAY.A^T XAY_1@ncfsc
gn1:30,2.1 ^HF H@Pa
gn1:30,2.2 )FREC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:30,3.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:30,3.2 L: L@Pp
gn1:30,3.3 KFL- K.OL@ncmsc
gn1:30,3.4 (O^WP (OWP@ncms
gn1:30,4.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:30,4.2 $.FMA^YIM $FMAYIM@ncmp
gn1:30,5.1 W. W@Pc
gn1:30,5.2 L: L@Pp
gn1:30,5.3 KO^L K.OL@ncms
gn1:30,6.1 ROWM"^& RM&@vqPms
gn1:30,7.1 (AL- (AL_2@Pp
gn1:30,7.2 HF H@Pa
gn1:30,7.3 )F^REC )EREC@ncbs
gn1:30,8.1 ):A$ER- ):A$ER@Pr
gn1:30,8.2 B./OW^ B.@PpX3ms
gn1:30,9.1 NE^PE$ NEPE$@ncfs
gn1:30,10.1 XAY.F^H XAY_1@afs
gn1:30,11.1 )ET- )"T@Po
gn1:30,11.2 K.FL- K.OL@ncmsc
gn1:30,11.3 YE^REQ YEREQ@ncms
gn1:30,12.1 ("^&EB ("&EB@ncms
gn1:30,13.1 L: L@Pp
gn1:30,13.2 )FK:LF^H )FK:LFH@ncfs
gn1:30,14.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:30,14.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:30,14.3 K"^N K."N_2@Pd
gn1:31,1.1 WA W@Pc
gn1:31,1.2 Y.A^R:) R)H@vqw3msXa
gn1:31,2.1 ):ELOHIYM^ ):ELOHIYM@ncmp
gn1:31,3.1 )ET- )"T@Po
gn1:31,3.2 K.FL- K.OL@ncmsc
gn1:31,3.3 ):A$E^R ):A$ER@Pr
gn1:31,4.1 (F&F^H (&H_1@vqp3ms
gn1:31,5.1 W: W@Pc
gn1:31,5.2 HIN."H- HIN."H@Pi
gn1:31,5.3 +O^WB +OWB_1@ams
gn1:31,6.1 M:)O^D M:)OD@Pd
gn1:31,7.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:31,7.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:31,7.3 (E^REB (EREB_1@ncms
gn1:31,8.1 WA^ W@Pc
gn1:31,8.2 Y:HIY- HYH@vqw3msXa
gn1:31,8.3 BO^QER B.OQER_2@ncms
gn1:31,9.1 YO^WM YOWM@ncms
gn1:31,10.1 HA H@Pa
gn1:31,10.2 $.I$.I^Y $I$.IY@ams
gn1:31,11.1 P P@x

Don A. Elbourne Jr.