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Sat, 03 Feb 2001 07:00:28 GMT

Jeffrey Malbisse writes:

> >I am confused.  What connection is there between development methodology
> >and the willingness (and mandate) to fight heresy?  I see no reason to
> >tolerate heretic developers any more than I would heretic ushers willing to
> >guide people to their seats in Church...
> >
> Online Bible is currently having a very big problem with this exact issue 
> through the unofficial users groups TOLBSS.  One of the co-moderators of 
> that site recently put up a separate page for "Heretical Works," and defined 
> "heretical" as anything that is not in complete agreement with 
> fundamentalist Christianity (his persuasion).  That, of course, means that 
> anything Roman Catholic, as well as anything Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, 
> or any other mainline denomination is immediately defined as "heretical."  
> He did not seem to be aware that about half of the material currently posted 
> on his site already is outside of the fundamentalist camp.
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I wasn't proposing that standards be set, I just thought that doctrinal
purity would not negate open source development.

Nobody has to accept anything from anyone to keep to the usual licenses,
they just need to make their work available to anyone that wants it.

Also, there are solid and clear lines that can not be crossed without

I would have no problem with someone taking a hard stance on what they
would support, because others could still use the same code tweaked for
their view...  In fact, with GPL, it can't be prevented.

Are there any volunteerrs for a development project where check-in and
approval is only allowed by developers who hold to the Westminster
Confession of Faith?  Belgic?  Reformed Baptist?  Or perhaps a softer
stance, you can hold to whatever view you wish, but must commit to only
providing materials and capabilities that are consistent with the statement
of faith selected.  ;-)

   Darwin Gregory

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