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Fri, 02 Feb 2001 11:12:47 +0200 (SAST)

People, this is not a debate for this list.  We are not here to produce/promote
modules, but rather to produce a software that can be used to edify others.  

Jeremiah 31:33 (I read it last night) says
After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and
write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people.

We should be responsible for discerning between the right word of God and
Heresy.  Matt 24 - where Jesus talks about false prophets implores us to do as
much.  We cannot take responsibility for other people's things..

On 01-Feb-2001 Alexander Garden wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 04:24:29PM -0500, Jeffrey Malbisse wrote:
>> >I am confused.  What connection is there between development methodology
>> >and the willingness (and mandate) to fight heresy?  I see no reason to
>> >tolerate heretic developers any more than I would heretic ushers willing to
>> >guide people to their seats in Church...
>> >
>> Online Bible is currently having a very big problem with this exact issue 
>> through the unofficial users groups TOLBSS.  One of the co-moderators of 
>> that site recently put up a separate page for "Heretical Works," and defined
>> "heretical" as anything that is not in complete agreement with 
>> fundamentalist Christianity (his persuasion).  That, of course, means that 
>> anything Roman Catholic, as well as anything Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, 
>> or any other mainline denomination is immediately defined as "heretical."  
>> He did not seem to be aware that about half of the material currently posted
>> on his site already is outside of the fundamentalist camp.
>> How do you make the decision of who is a heretic and who isn't?  Let's face 
>> it, in terms of historical continuity and sheer numbers, anyone who is not a
>> Roman Catholic is outside of "normative" Christianity.  (I'm not Catholic 
>> myself, by the way.  Just stating a statistical fact.)  Do you decide it 
> Catholics winning on historict continuity and sheer numbers? How many of
> those sheer numbers are truly devout? I suggest they lose at least ten
> percent when that is taken into account. And historical continuity? The
> Catholicism that Luther decried was a (relatively) young thing at the time.
> In a thousand A.D. Pope Gregory the xth said than any bishop who elevated
> himself above all other bishops exalted himself to the place of Christ and
> was indeed the anti-Christ. Please, I do not wish to enter into a debate on
> what qualifies as heretical in this forum, but I cannot let such an
> outrageous claim go unnoticed.
>> instead based on purity of the Gospel messsage?  I think that the Lutherans 
>> and the Baptists might fight each other to a draw on that one without 
>> conceding defeat to each other.  How about purity of worship style?  The 
>> Orthodox and the Anglicans would both want to claim that honor, while 
>> excluding most other people.  What about those who say that it's simple to 
>> tell whose right, just see if they are "filled with the Holy Spirit."
>> Which set of fundamentals are really fundamental, and what gives any of us 
>> the right to make that decision for anyone other than ourselves?
> The fact that God has recorded in His word what is heretical. If you answer
> that I interpret His word to say one thing is heretical and you interpret
> it to mean another, I reply that some interpret it in such a way as to deny
> that Christ was God, man, or either. There will always be disagreements,
> there will always be those who twist the scripture to feed their lusts, but
> God's word is sure and not beyond comprehension.
> Alexander Garden

An error can never become true however many times you repeat it.
The truth can never be wrong, even if no one hears it.
          - Mahatma Gandhi

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