[sword-devel] Translation .... was GNU etc

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 17 Dec 2001 19:33:55 -0700

At 06:46 PM 12/17/2001 +0000, Barry Drake wrote:

>... I don't think we ever will have -
>an 'unbiased' translation.  I believe that the more translations we have
>over the years, the more chance we have of using the bible well. ...

There is a type of module I would like to see made. It would list Bible 
versions/translations by translation differences for a given verse. Not 
every version needs to listed for every phrase. KJV, Webster and ASV mostly 
agree so if you list KJV everywhere, you only need to list Webster and ASV 
where they differ from KJV. Likewise, some phrases will be common to most 
versions, so note that with "Most" and don't list all that agree with it. 
Also, omit minor differences like the/a. Using the KJV text as the 
standard, the first half of the entry for Hebrews 13:15 would look 
something like this.

Hebrews 13:15
By him, DR
    Through him, Most
    Through Jesus, NIV
    In his name, Mont

therefore , DR, NIV
    then, Most
    - Roth

let us offer, DR
    + up, ASV, Mont, NASB
    make offerings, BBE
    be offering up, Roth
    lay on the altar, Wey
    we may offer up, YLT

the sacrifice of praise, Most
    (- the sacrifice) of praise, BBE

  to God, Most
    unto God, Roth

continually, Most
    at all times, BBE
    always, DR, YLT
    constant, JBP

that is, the fruit of our lips
     - our, Most
    the tribute of lips, JBP, TNEB
    the utterance of lips, Wey

giving thanks, YLT
    which make confession ASV
    giving witness, BBE
    confessing, DR, Roth
    that confess, Mont, NIV
    which openly acknowledge, JBP, TNEB
    that give thanks, Wey, NASB

to his name,  Most
    - to, NIV, JBP, TNEB
    unto his name, Roth