[sword-devel] SWORD / THML incompatibility

Chris sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 02 Dec 2001 21:52:50 +1100

>You don't need "parsed=1Ti|6|7|6|7" (or whatever it would be) for that,
>use "passage=1Ti 6:7".
>I think Sword is smart enough to recognize "6:7" as [Current book] 6:7,
>but "v. 7" would probably be interpreted as [Current book] 5:7.
Oh I see. Well then I guess my question is if there is a full spec for 
exactly what I can put
into the passage= field, because it's not as simple as it first appears. 
Also I'm wondering
how I should split things up. Like for "1Ti 6:7-10,12; 9:10", should I 

<scripRef passage="1Ti 6:7-10">1Ti6:7</scripRef>-<scripRef passage="1Ti 
6:12">12</scripRef>; <scripRef passage="1Ti 9:10">9:10</scripRef>


<scripRef passage="1Ti 6:7-10,12">1Ti 6:7-10,12</scripRef>; <scripRef 
passage="1Ti 9:10">9:10</scripRef>


<scripRef passage="1Ti 6:7-10,12; 9:10">1Ti 6:7-10,12; 9:10</scripRef>

I would presume the first, more fine-grained version would be better?